EQ Update #23

Site Updates

In this update, new comments were updated to yesterday afternoon.

More Iksar Heritage Crate Ornaments were added to the quest entry page as well.

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New Items: Di'Zok Cloth Chest OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Scalemail Helm OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Scalemail Chest OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Scalemail Arms OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Scalemail Wrist OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Scalemail Hands OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Scalemail Legs OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Scalemail Feet Ornament

Updated Items: Staff of the GruntSebilisian SatchelScale Touched Tunic FacetScale Touched Sleeve FacetScale Touched Shoes FacetScale Touched Pants FacetScale Touched Gloves FacetScale Touched Cap FacetScale Touched Bracer FacetGarik's Secrets of Bag ExpansionSeals of PowerDraconic ResilienceFilthy Stone BeadsFragment of the Combine SpireSimple Secrets of the Combine HeroSorcerer's Extravagant NecklaceScorched SpauldersScaled Tunic FacetScaled Sleeve FacetScaled Cap FacetScaled Shoes FacetScaled Gloves FacetScaled Pants FacetScaled Bracer FacetDraconic IntensityFace of TevikJeann's LedgerShimmering Bracer of ProtectionGlowing Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleTorn Quarter of a MapShredded Quarter of a MapLionhide Backpack

Updated Quests: Solvedi ScimitarInert PotionDarkened JawbonesClaw of the Cub (#1)Claw of the Scout (#2)Claw of the Apprentice (#3)Claw of the Mature Patriarch (#5)Berserker Epic 1.5 Pre-QuestLearn the Ways of Skinning and TailoringHome on the PlanesColdain Shawl 3.0 #4: Making Friends, Influencing PeopleRocks Boom for TwigslamThe Blade of SirrikBloodstones (The Skyfire Mountains)Scouting Accessories (The Skyfire Mountains)Ritual Runes (The Skyfire Mountains)Hoarded Worker SledgemalletApothic Dragon Spine HammerIksar Heritage Crate

New Recipes: Suit of Militant's Iksar Scalemail

Updated Recipes: Intricate Scroll of Static StrikeSpell: Summon Jewelry BagBeaten Energeiac Chain BootsBlue Trader's SatchelBerry Ice Cream CrunchPrescient Fleeting QuiverUnexpanded Tailored Legendary BackpackUnexpanded Tailored Legendary BagExtravagant StaffExtravagant Recurve Bow StringBronze AleBrewed ChocolateDraconic Mana MixtureXygoz's Tonic

Bestiary Updates: a froglok tada Reanimated DragoonCorrupter AhgraSecalna Galnor [Tutorials]Jeann AcurPestilent WarmasterDread Overseer Akalodan Arcron warwizardBansheean iron sentinelObserver EyrzeklaMyrmidon Tundakan Arcron researcherOverlord TevikOverlord TeralovThe Arisen Admiral TylixShandral Arisenan undead oblationAsh Guardian TolemakBile SpewBloodwretchCrookstingera shadowed seed beetleDreadmole


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