EQ Update #21

Site Updates

In this update, a bunch of progression server alchemy potions were set as no longer dropping when the alchemy revamp hit a long time ago. I have set those back as dropping again so they'll actually show up in a advanced item search without using the unattainable flag in the search.

Some Luclin drops were updated to a few mobs while I was strolling around in Luclin yesterday.

Some new poisons are coming in that we'll get recipes for and give the item whatever tag it needs.

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New Items: Faded Hoarded Blood Orchid Katana ;  Faded Sarnak Focus of the Elemental Deathseaker ;  Wrapped Veil of Veksar ;  Hero's Toxin III ;  Vallon's Tactic XIX ;  Tallon's Tactic XIX ;  Warlord's Bane XIX ;  Distilled Grade AA Muscimol Extract ;  Quellious' Trauma XIX ;  Distilled Grade AA Laburnum Extract ;  Fighter's Bane XIX 

Updated Items: Potion of the Swamp ;  Potion of the Bone Field ;  Potion of Stinging Wort ;  Potion of Stability ;  Potion of Spirit Shield ;  Potion of Shadeweaver ;  Potion of Purity ;  Potion of Power ;  Potion of Negation ;  Potion of Mystical Aptitude ;  Potion of Lesser Vigor ;  Potion of Lesser Stability ;  Potion of Lesser Rejuvenation ;  Potion of Lesser Power ;  Potion of Lesser Cohesion ;  Potion of Heat ;  Potion of Graveyard Dust ;  Potion of Dulsehound ;  Potion of Cohesion ;  Potion of Antiweight ;  Potion of Adroitness ;  Potion of Vigor ;  Potion of Lesser Accuracy ; Scaled Gloves Facet ;  Draconian Palisade ;  Lovine's Potion Bag ;  Lovine's Potion Bag ;  Potion of Sustenance ;  Distilled Potion of Endurance ;  Faded Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer ;  Potion of Vampiric Spirit ;  Potion of Corpse Retrieval ;  Potion of Twilight Mists ;  Elemental Ice Spirit Cage ;  Drema's Soulstone ;  Silken Tapestry Satchel ;  Sack of Purified Soil ;  Mark of Fauna ;  Mark of Beast Mastery ;  Etched Ruby of Nature ;  Embedded Platinum Figurine ;  Ancient Wrappings ;  Shard of Minor Power ;  Bloodstone Ring ;  Scorched Rock ;  Mark of Swordsmanship ;  Light Etched Emerald ;  Jagged Reed ;  Mark of Credence ;  Bag of Scarlet Sand ;  Tailored Legendary Backpack Wand ;  Symphony of the Rabbit II 2 Benefit ;  Symphony of the Rabbit II 1 Benefit ;  Symphony of Replenishment 9 Benefit 

Updated Quests: Insignia Earring of Veracity (#1) ;  Blood Raid: Sendaii, the Hive Queen ;  Breeding Grounds #2: Treading Lightly ;  Achievement: Life-size Fossils ;  Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer 

New Recipes: Potion of Vampiric Spirit 

Bestiary Updates: An Ebony Horror ;  A Thought Leech ;  A Disharmonious Horror ;  a Greater Spire Spirit ;  A Greater Horror ;  A Foretold Horror ;  a skyash drake ;  a skycinder drake ;  a skyfall drake ;  Milyex Vioren ;  Ellarr Stormcloud ;  Travenro the Skygazer ;  Reothe


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