EQ Update #19

Site Updates

In this update, more items are coming in from the Iksar Heritage Crate. We're getting those items tagged and links attached where they need to be.

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New Items: Warmaker's Iksar Plate Helm OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Helm OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Wrist OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Feet OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Chest OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Hands OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Arms OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Cloth Legs OrnamentSuit of Arcron ChainSuit of Tsaph Katta ClothWrapped Froglok Head in a JarSuit of Militant's Iksar ScalemailBroker's BackpackWarmaker's Iksar Chain Arms OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Chain Wrist OrnamentWarmaker's Iksar Chain Hands OrnamentLumbering Chokidai BridleDi'Zok Plate Wrist OrnamentSarnak Focus of the Elemental DeathseakerFaded Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer

Updated Items: Intricate Defiant Targ ShieldIntricate Defiant Plate WristguardIksar Heritage CrateTacky SilkCoarse SilkGnoll PelvisWeak Muscimol ExtractRusty DaggerCrude Defiant Cloth WristwrapCrude Defiant Plate BootsCrude Defiant Plate HelmMangled Animal PeltRuined Animal PeltMedium Quality Bear SkinBear MeatRuined Bear PeltHigh Quality Bear SkinLow Quality Wolf SkinDi'Zok Plate Hands OrnamentDi'Zok Chain Chest OrnamentDi'Zok Leather Helm OrnamentDi'Zok Leather Feet OrnamentBurning Crescent Reach PumpkinBurning Cabilis PumpkinBurning Ak`Anon PumpkinAk`Anon PumpkinMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Arms OrnamentHoard-Thieves' Bloodied BagVeteran's FeruleTailbone Bauble

Updated Quests: Apothic Dragon Spine HammerIksar Heritage Crate

Bestiary Updates: a bear cubFippy DarkpawBloodwretcha swirling oozea greenblood piranhaBile Spewa grizzly beara piranhaa beggara lava-encrusted chestOverlord Teralov


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