EQ Update #18

Site Updates

In this update, new items are coming in and we've been tagging them and linking them to whatever quests and other items that are associated with. Mainly the Iksar Heritage Crate items. The quest entry for these items is here.

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New Items: Di'Zok Leather Feet OrnamentDi'Zok Leather Helm OrnamentDi'Zok Chain Chest OrnamentDi'Zok Plate Hands OrnamentDistilled Grade AA Delphinium ExtractDistilled Grade AA Oleander ExtractDistilled Grade AA Privit ExtractDistilled Grade AA Caladium ExtractArcher's Bane XIXHate of the Shissar XIXSolusek's Burn XIXMessenger's Bane XIXPyrilen Burn XIXAnger of the Shissar XIXE`ci's Lament XIXMonk's Bane XIXGelidran Lament XIXStrike of Ssraeshza XIXMyrmidon's Sloth XIXDistilled Grade AA Larkspur ExtractDistilled Grade AA Taipan VenomStrike of the Shissar XIXDistilled Grade AA Choresine SampleConsigned Bite of the Shissar XIXSuit of Militant's Iksar PlateSuit of Militant's Iksar ChainSuit of Warmaker's Iksar ClothAdoptable Swifttail WhelpSuit of Militant's Iksar ClothSuit of Militant's Iksar LeatherSuit of Militant's Iksar RingmailSuit of Warmaker's Iksar RingmailSuit of Warmaker's Iksar ScalemailSuit of Warmaker's Iksar ChainSuit of Warmaker's Iksar PlateSuit of Warmaker's Iksar LeatherAdoptable Scorpikis ImpalerAdoptable Golden Crypt FeasterAdoptable Crystalline ChokidaiWrapped Brain in a JarBrain in a JarWrapped Statue: Iksar BustWrapped Statue: Iksar HeadSkull of NullTainted PrivitTainted CaladiumTainted DelphiniumTainted LarkspurTainted LaburnumTainted MuscimolTainted OleanderWrapped Music Box: The Plane of FearMusic Box: The Plane of FearFroglok Head in a JarStatue: Iksar HeadStatue: Iksar BustPlacard: Tink N BabbleWrapped Placard: Tink N BabbleMilitant's Iksar Plate Legs OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Arms OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Hands OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Chest OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Feet OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Wrist OrnamentMilitant's Iksar Plate Helm OrnamentPit Scorpion FamiliarAdoptable Pit ScorpionWrapped Emperor Ganak ThroneEmperor Ganak ThroneIron-Flecked BoulderShard of Fool's GoldTurquoise Imbedded StoneChunk of GraniteDraconic RunestoneLava RockWorn Paving StonePavement FragmentIksar Heritage CrateApothic Dragon Spine HammerHoarded Worker SledgemalletHoarded Blood Orchid Katana

Updated Items: Meanderer's Ayr`Dal Scalemail Helm OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Feet OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Legs OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Hands OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Wrist OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Chest OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Helm OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Feet OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Legs OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Hands OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Wrist OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Arms OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Chest OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Plate Helm OrnamentMeanderer's Ayr`Dal Chain Arms OrnamentDi'Zok Cloth Robe OrnamentDi'Zok Cloth Hands OrnamentPrize: Visage of the Aviak RookVisage of the Aviak RookScaleborn Bracer FacetDreadspine

New Quests: Hoarded Worker SledgemalletApothic Dragon Spine HammerIksar Heritage Crate

Updated Quests: The Over Under (The Overthere)Fire In the Sky (The Skyfire Mountains)Cryptic Excavation (The Howling Stones)Treasure Hunting (Sathir's Tomb)Gorowynning (Gorowyn)Taking a Peak (Veeshan's Peak)

Bestiary Updates: Spectral BeguilerBonescalea Fereth commanderCactiikiia pungent chestIngisitorma Calcesa [Quests]a soup boilerThylex of VeeshanFleshrot


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