EQ Update #16

Site Updates

In this update, new comments were caught up to yesterday afternoon.

Necromancer items have been sorted throughf or Luclin items. More classes will be done today.

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Updated Items: Note to Quan NektogoDormant EarringNiblek's Shiny TrinketBehroe Style Stone Hut, Stucco interiorBehroe Style Stone Hut, Stucco interiorPale GeodePale TearSoothing StoneBlood MoonstoneEye of MelnorChoker of MajddMantle of MirthScroll of the InvokerHigh Impact LacquerTower Shield PlansScale Touched Shoes FacetSurprising Supercharged ShardRaw Rough HideCrude Defiant Plate GauntletsSpell: Kragg's SalvePotion of BindingPrize: Ping's Pinning Potion PackagePrize: Ping's Peaceful Potion PackagePotion of DeadishnessBridle of the Balefire WyvernExcrucidator's Black Silken SashThin Strands of Silver SilkImpeccable Kirin HornScaled Tunic FacetSebilisian SatchelConflagrant OreMedian Clawed Tablet of the Ring of ScaleScaled Bracer Facet

Updated Quests: Necromancer 2nd RankThe Orc ImpalerDismal Knight BootsSeilaen's PlightSneaky SarnakAchievement: Hunter of Hollowshade MoorStop the SupportThe ArisenLay the TrapChokidai Unbound

New Recipes: Prepared FishHigh Quality Fish Bones (Dragonscale Bullhead)High Quality Fish Bones (Shaded Bonefish)Prepared Fish (Shaded Bonefish)High Quality Fish Bones (Shadow Trout)Prepared Fish (Shadow Trout)High Quality Fish Bones (Wayunder Perch)Prepared Fish (Wayunder Perch)High Quality Fish Bones (Farwander Gar)Prepared Fish (Farwander Gar)

Updated Recipes: E'cian Ice StudsPlanar Steel RingsWine Baked (Wayunder Perch)Distilled Grade A Muscimol ExtractTranscendent's Conflagrant Armwraps

Bestiary Updates: Gunex Eklara froglok guarda frogloka froglok fishermana drolvarg bodyguarda Di`zok ObserverCurfangMystic Goharkor [Shaman Spells 26-50]Quan Nektogoa bloodsaber defilerElusive KirinBloodsuckera shining stridera goblin soothsayerSoothsayer Dregzaka rocky cliff golemObserver EyrzeklaChirurgeon Hemofaxa supercharged tyroThe MagmaliskDeka the ReaperChattering BonewalkerA Ry`Gorr Inspector


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