EQ Update #13

Site Updates

In this update, Cleric, Druid, Enchanter and Magician Luclin gear has been combed through for non Luclin gear.

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Updated Items: Warmaster's Mask of BattleSlate Silk SleevesSilk Sleeves of the EnforcerSilk Sleeves of the SlayerDark Silk Bracer of RageSlate Silk BraceletWidow Silk BracerSilk Wristband of the EnforcerDark Silk Armband of SlaughterBracer of DeceptionStrands of PowerArchaic Fishweave BeltDagger of GuileDark Silk Pants of SlaughterGray Metal CircletCirclet of the EnforcerCirclet of the SlayerTwisted Sandles of the SlayerDark Silk Robe of RageRobe of StillwatersDark Silk Robe of SlaughterTunic of DeceptionFaded Sash of HypocrisyMoor Fish PieMarinated Mushroom BitsRock Hopper Red AleRhino Beetle RumPawprint PorterOwlbear Bitter BrewFerocious Feline CiderFeral Furry VodkaCurled Whisker WhiskeyBold Beastlord BockBelt of the WyrmlingBlood Onyx GirdleBelt of GuileArchaic Korlach Worshipper's BeltEthereal Mantle of DeathArchaic Korlach Worshipper's MantleRadiant Shouderpads of the SilverwingGuard of the RelentlessGuard of the SlayerGray Metal ShieldShield of GuileSacred Grimling ShieldSilver Silk ThreadTome of Wicked SpiritsFang of the DrakeLustrous Insignia of the SilverwingStein of Falling TearsArchaic Giant Angler RodYuslin, Gem of the PastGrewin, Wand of the TimelessBook of Goblin RamblingsHow to be a PirateTome of SlaughterShield of DeceptionMace of DeceptionNeckless of the RelentlessChain of the ExecutionerGray Hide GlovesDiamond Ring of DiscordRing of InevitabilityArchaic Hydromancer's RingGray Hide BootsFace Guard of RancorGray Metal MaskEyes of the Albino DragonSignet of ApathyStonemana EarringSparkling Jasper EarringRing of DeceptionEarring of Coalesced ManaSignet of Fiel'TianDark Cloak of DiscordPrimal Cloak of ExecutionCloak of the SlayerDark Cloak of DeceptionGray Metal VambracesBand of GuileVambraces of the Enforcer

Updated Quests: Drosco the Zombie (good)Vah Shir Citizenship (#1)Coldain Shawl 3.0 #0 (Pre-Quest): The New Tanaan Merchant's Alliance

Bestiary Updates: a goblin headmastermischiefplane 1.0 - LelelThe Va`DynGolathBarkeep BabagynKaya NovashineAukris TombDarrain LansebIani DarkmooreLeara Talissi


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