EQ Update #11

Site Updates

In this update, more items that had a Luclin expansion tag that were actually from another expansion were correctly tagged. I'm doing this on a class basis combing through their gear. So far bards and beastlords are done.

Also the Depths of Darkhollow progression wiki page is now open for business thanks to Barudin314.

We'll be adding some more information to the Luclin progression wiki page soon as well.

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Updated Items: Leather Wristband of the EnforcerLeather Bracer of SlaughterChord of GuileDark Hide Bracer of RageOrnate Vah Anima ArmbandIntricate Vah Anima ArmbandElaborate Reaver ArmbandElaborate Vah Anima ArmbandElegant Vah Anima ArmbandWhite Resistance StoneRed Resistance StoneBlue Resistance StoneGreen Resistance StoneForthos, the Mountain CrusherGray Metal ClawsClaw of Maliced MithrilSullon's Fist of RageZarnithium, Fist of PowerOlsirak, Hammer of the CavernClaw of the RelentlessFist of SteelArchaic Jagged Coral SledgeSylvan Leather LeggingsLeather Pants of SlaughterOrnate Vah Anima GreavesIntricate Vah Anima GreavesElaborate Vah Anima GreavesElaborate Reaver GreavesElegant Vah Anima GreavesLeather Helm of the SlayerSimple Reaver HelmOrnate Vah Anima HelmIntricate Vah Anima HelmElaborate Vah Anima HelmElegant Vah Anima HelmLeather Gloves of the EnforcerLeather Gloves of the SlayerGemmed Gloves of GuileOrnate Vah Anima GlovesIntricate Vah Anima GlovesElaborate Reaver GlovesElaborate Vah Anima GlovesElegant Vah Anima GlovesOrnate Vah Anima BootsIntricate Vah Anima BootsElaborate Reaver BootsElaborate Vah Anima BootsElegant Vah Anima BootsSylvan Leather TunicLeather Tunic of SlaughterOrnate Vah Anima CuirassIntricate Vah Anima CuirassElaborate Vah Anima CuirassElegant Vah Anima CuirassHigh Impact LacquerRusty Long SwordThalium OreGrade E Oleander ExtractIvoryShiny Metal KeyGrade D Gormar VenomJadeRough Defiant Knuckle DustersTears of PrexusBlackened Mithril BootsBone ChipsHallowed Cloak of the GroveCloak of RancorSlate Silk CloakCloak of the ButcherOnyx Imbued CloakCloak of Burning StarsCloak of the CallousCloak of the EnforcerCloak of the RelentlessCloak of the ExecutionerSullon's Cloak of ParoxysmDark Cloak of GuileLeather Sleeves of the EnforcerLeather Sleeves of the SlayerOrnate Vah Anima SleevesIntricate Vah Anima SleevesCracked Hide Sleeves of IntegrityElaborate Reaver SleevesElaborate Vah Anima SleevesElegant Vah Anima SleevesGlowing Black DrumGlowing White DrumTan Silken Bridle and BardingWhite Silken Bridle and BardingBrown Chain Bridle and BardingBlack Leather Bridle and BardingBlack Chain Bridle and BardingTan Leather Bridle and BardingBrown Rope Bridle and BardingBlack Silken Bridle and BardingWhite Chain Bridle and BardingBrown Leather Bridle and BardingTan Rope Bridle and BardingWhite Leather Bridle and BardingTan Chain Bridle and BardingBrown Silken Bridle and BardingBlack Rope Bridle and BardingWhite Rope Bridle and BardingBlack Ornate Chain Bridle and BardingGray Metal BracerDark Onyx BracerBracer of SlaughterBracer of RageSimple Khala Dun ArmbandOrnate Khala Dun ArmbandIntricate Khala Dun ArmbandElaborate Khala Dun ArmbandElegant Khala Dun ArmbandSash of the CallousBelt of RancorGirdle of the ButcherGirdle of the RelentlessEnchanted Goblin BeltBuffet BeltTwisted Belt of RefugeGirdle of the CallousBelt of the EnforcerSullon's Belt of RageGirdle of DeceptionExecutioner's BeltAncient Champion's BeltSilverwing ShoulderpadsMantle of the EnforcerCloak of the BladesmithSlate Silk MantleCloak of Average CountenanceMantle of the ExecutionerMantle of the RelentlessMantle of RancorSullon's Mantle of RageMantle of the ButcherMantle of the CallousMantle of GuileEriak's Cload of GuileArchaic Undead Drachnid Chitin MantleShimmering Pauldrons of the SilverwingSilvered Tome of BalanceEnervating Mithril MaceDisc of Impenetrable ForceShield of SlaughterIdol of IndifferenceBulwark of RancorBelia, Wanderer's GuardBulwark of the ButcherShield - SecondaryShield of the EnforcerTome of the RelentlessTwisted Buckler of the SlayerRough Stone PhalangeShissar BattlehammerScarred Shield of the StalwartArchaic Shiliskin Myrmidon ShieldBlack Globe of DiscordMark of the ButcherIdol of RancorEmblem of IndifferenceRuned Stone of MalignancyEmblem of the RelentlessSphere of TranscendanceOrb of ExecutionSullon's Globe of ParoxysmEriak's Emblem of DeceptionSmooth Stone ChipsArchaic Lucky HarpoonGleaming Signet of the SilverwingGhostrider's Bridle and BardingOrnate Defiant BreastplateDry LarkspurModest Binding PowderLumber PlankGrade A Caladium ExtractMalleable LoamSullied Animal PeltSimple Defiant Cloth WristwrapShard of PowerDirty Runic PapyrusDark Mistletoe Clan SwordBattered Plate ShieldSunshard OreEbon Hero's Forge Cloth Chest OrnamentFrozen Kodiak ClawGrubby Fine PapyrusLeather RollDark Mistletoe Clan MaulSmudged Rough PapyrusOrnate Defiant GeodeFulginate OreRough Animal PeltAnimal VenomThick Silk

Bestiary Updates: MooshRathylthe guard captaina ghoul assassina stone spiderinferno goblin torturerDrelznaEkerosChampion Stinging Nettlea Dark Mistletoe eldera Dark Mistletoe scouta Dark Mistletoe guarda warbone monkFletcher Lenvale [Fletching Merchant]a kobold kingGreshvoule


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