EQ Update #10

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In this update, a bunch of items that were tagged with a Luclin expansion tag were moved to their proper expansion when they were released. This will help those using the advanced item search to actually see Luclin only items. I'm still combing through more items so this process isn't finished.

Also work on the Depths of Darkhollow progression server wiki is currently well underway and has plenty of info thanks to Barudin314. We'll release that to everybody as soon as it's done.

Spells have been updated to the latest patch.

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Updated Items: Fabled Leggings of SerenityDark Assassin GreavesMark of LunacyPlate Leggings of LunacyGreaves of the CallousGreaves of GuileGreaves of SlaughterGreaves of RageSimple Khala Dun GreavesOrnate Khala Dun GreavesIntricate Khala Dun GreavesElaborate Khala Dun GreavesElegant Khala Dun GreavesSweetened Gummy BearsBerry Walnut CrunchAncient: Lullaby of ShadowDelicious Pumpkin BreadBerry Ice CreamKilidna's HeadLemon Ice CreamPlain Animist HelmCoconut Ice CreamTasty Sugar PopLemon Ice Cream CrunchCoffee Ice CreamTaelosian Wildberry PieTaelosian Tuna A La KingSlice of Taelosian Wildberry PieSlice of Taelosian Wildberry Mountain PieTaelosian Wildberry Mountain PieTaelosian Wildberry Mountain TartFeral Lord's BroochHelm of the EnforcerCrown of the SlayerCrown of the Undead WarmasterCrown of AboveChooser's CapGuise of HorrorSimple Khala Dun HelmOrnate Khala Dun HelmIntricate Khala Dun HelmElaborate Khala Dun HelmElegant Khala Dun HelmGloves of the KeenGray Metal GlovesGauntlets of the EnforcerPlate Gauntlets of the SlayerSimple Khala Dun GlovesOrnate Khala Dun GlovesIntricate Khala Dun GlovesElaborate Khala Dun GlovesElegant Khala Dun GlovesRing of WarmthRing of the ButcherRuned Ring of the CallousRing of Glowing CoralBlood Onyx Silver RingGray Stone RingRing of the RelentlessPearlescent Sphere of PowerRing of MelancholyBurning Ring of SlaughterRuby Ring of the EnforcerRing of the ExecutionerRing of the EnforcerVon Gelid's Frozen RingSullon's Ring of RageEriak's Ring of GuileEmpty Sifaye Dust BagBag of Sifaye DustHeroic Crystalline TearHeroic Crystalline TearPrize: Visage of the War PiratePrize: Visage of the VitrikPrize: Visage of the Stone GargoylePrize: Visage of the Spirited SatyrMagma GleamLcea Katta Leather Arms OrnamentPlate Boots of the SlayerSimple Khala Dun BootsOrnate Khala Dun BootsIntricate Khala Dun BootsElaborate Khala Dun BootsElegant Khala Dun BootsMask of the JokerMask of the EnforcerMask of the CallousMask of the ButcherMask of RancorIron Mask of DiscordExecutioner's MaskMask of SlaughterMask of the RelentlessMask of GuileTwisted Mask of the SlayerEriak's Mask of GuileSullon's Mask of ParoxysmMark of the ExecutionerMask of DeceivingEarring of Fond MemoriesArchaic Eerie Wurine HoopSignet of RancorEarring of the RelentlessIron Earring of ExecutionFrozen Earring of SlaughterSignet of the ButcherEarring of the ExecutionerEarring of Funny SpeechGoblin TrinketEarring of Envenomd EnergySullon's Earring of ParoxysmTwisted Gem of the SlayerEarring of DiscordEarring of DeceptionEriak's Hoop of GuileGem of DeceptionChestplate of SlaughterBreastplate of GuileBreastplate of RageChestplate of the CallousSimple Khala Dun CuirassOrnate Khala Dun CuirassIntricate Khala Dun CuirassElaborate Khala Dun CuirassElegant Khala Dun CuirassElaborate Charm of Derived RefinementTalisman of Living RockCape of Broken SanityShimmerthread Cloak of the SilverwingSullon's Shard of RageSphere of InevitabilityShard of the SlayerRuned Saphhire of BloodRune of the SlayerRune of ParoxysmRune of DeceptionOrb of the SlayerOrb of Onyx BloodMark of InsanityMark of ConvulsionJeweled Token of ForceJade Emerald of the ForestIron Rune of the EnforcerGlobe of the SlayerGemstone of the CallousFox Hat OrnamentExecutioner's Rune of JudgementEmerald of Twisted DreamsDisc of InsanityDiamond of the SlayerDark Ruby of the EnforcerDark Ruby of BloodDark Gem of the SlayerBloodrune of the SlayerBlood Ruby of DiscordBlood Draw RuneAura of the ExecutionerAura of the EnforcerWhite Rune of LethargyTwisted Rune of the SlayerSymbol of Dark LifeSullon's Disc of ParoxysmSlayer's GemstoneSlayer's BaubleShard of InsanitySapphire of AngerRune of the EnforcerRune of the ButcherRune of IndifferenceRune of BetrayalRuby Stone of RequimRuby of SlaughterRuby of DiscordMark of SlaughterKelnathor, Rune of DarknessJarsath Gem of angerJade Prism of HatredIngot of the FallenGnarled Shard of TormentGlowing Jasper of ApathyGlobe of convulsionGem of RancorFirerune of the RelentlessEthereal Stone of AurasEmerald Stone of ReliefEmerald of the RelentlessDiamond of the EnforcerDarkscale Rune of the AncientsDarkened Treant SapBronzed Ingot of InsanityBroken Skull of SilenceBloodstone of the ButcherBlackened Skull RuneBlack RubyBlack Emerald of BloodBlack Diamond of SlaughterAura of SlaughterAura of JudgementAgate of the SlayerAgate of GuileBluegreen RockGlobe of the ExecutionerBloodgem of the RelentlessOpal of Hollow WordsDiamond of ParoxysmMelted Stone CrystalSnakeskin GemShard of Growing PowerGolden Stone of WarSullon's Gem of ParoxysmSlayer's RubyDisc of the ExecutionerCorrupted Sunstone AmuletMorning StarGlobe of the EnforcerCoagulated DarknessBlood Red Stone of LossAura of DiscordPulsing Globe of AntiquityDisc of SlaughterOrb of SlaughterInk of JudgementRune of SlaughterRune of the RelentlessBlack Pearl of SlaughterRed Mark of the SlayerRallic's Rune of SecretsRed Mark of the ExecutionerBloodrune of SlaughterRune of GuileSymbol of the ExecutionerDisc of SlaighterSullon's Rune of RageMoonbeam PearlGlinting SunstoneSanity ShardHeart of the SkySandstone of YearningSimple Khala Dun SleevesOrnate Khala Dun SleevesIntricate Khala Dun SleevesElaborate Khala Dun SleevesElegant Khala Dun SleevesRose Petal QuartzWhite StarTiny TopazScout's Pocketed SlingScroll: Monster Summoning XIISimple Defiant Plate GauntletsThalium OreSullied SilkSylvan Healing Leaves

Updated Quests: Ways of NatureSnake SacsLove in the Air #1: Guard's FancyLove in the Air #2: Kamilah's DelightLove in the Air #3: Nexeu's GiftLove in the Air #4: Charmed, I'm SureRings and ThingsFrostfell - All You Need is Luck

New Recipes: Bag of Sifaye Dust

Bestiary Updates: a storm giant surveyora wandering drunkardJaneil Mon`estra [Spells]a Drogan callerThe Magmalisk


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