EQ Update #8

Site Updates

In this update, various invisible tribute items were updated and some new tribute items were added.

Also the Luclin progression wiki page was updated with raid information and the zone section was updated with what zones are load balanced. More work will be done on the Luclin page in the next week in preperation for Luclin to launch on Agnarr. Keep in mind the Luclin wiki page has a full page on all Luclin spells, their effects and where you can buy them.

I'll be adding Mitigation of the Mighty IV buff to all the Luclin raid encounter NPC's as well.

We have plans to make a progression wiki page for Depths of Darkhollow as well so when it releases on Phinigel, players will have some information on the expansion.

Some code updates were done on the site. I fixed a few things on the spell page for allakhazam that weren't showing endurance costs correctly, also not showing timers for abilities and not showing skills used. I also bolded the different effects to stand out from the values, let me know if that's too much bold. Also took out the indention of some info in the small info box on the right of the page to allow for more info without wrapping information. I also added a bunch of Seeds of Destruction spells that aren't scribeable to the spell filter for the spell search tool.

Lastly, I'll be updated new comments either today or tomorrow.

Click Read More to see all the updates.

New Items: Power of Will II Benefit RoS ;  Power of Sight II Benefit RoS ;  Strength of Mind II Benefit RoS ;  Ancient Sathir Staff ;  Ancient Sathir Skull ;  Ancient Sathir Necklace ;  Poisoned Wine ;  Simple Key 

Updated Items: Crude Adept's Broom ;  Prize: Aspect of the Brood ;  Prize: Aspect of the Bloodstone ;  Prize: Archaeologist's Runic Belt ;  Archaeologist's Runic Belt ;  Power of Will II 2 Benefit ;  Power of Will II 1 Benefit ;  Power of Sight II 2 Benefit ; Power of Sight II 1 Benefit ;  Strength of Mind II 1 Benefit ;  Strength of Mind 10 Benefit ;  Amorphous Selrach's Boots 

Updated Quests: Restock High Quality Ore (The Bazaar) 

Bestiary Updates: Froham the Forgotten ;  Rohga ;  Vansted Rohenga ;  Captain Rohand ;  Brohan Ironforge ;  Ambril McRohrer ;  Servitor of Luclin ;  Adroha Jezith ;  Guardian Erohach ;  Cadale Brohat ;  Dubbel Strohbarrel ;  Lyndroh`s Remains ; Roha Jumthief [Emissary of Shadowrest] ;  a goblin slave ;  Rohtrepoten ;  Hand of Rohtrepoten ;  Lyndroh [Banker] ;  Rohga ;  Grohlok the Tyrant ;  Cyndor Lightningfang ;  Rohga ;  Agent of Change (Sanctus Seru) [Lord Seru Expedition] ;  Agent of Change (Scarlet Desert) [Griegs End Expedition] ;  Agent of Change (The Twilight Sea) [Katta Castellum Expedition] ;  Agent of Change (Grimling Forest) [Acrylia Caverns Expedition] ;  Agent of Change (Echo Caverns) [The Deep Expedition] ;  Agent of Change (Maiden's Eye) [Akheva Ruins Expedition] ;  Shai'din Warmaster Roh`ki ;  Consort Hersha Roh`ki ;  a spiritual arcanist ;  Agent of Change (The Grey) [Ssraeshza Temple Expedition] ;  Agent of Change (The Umbral Plains) [Vex Thal Expedition]


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