EQ Update #7

Site Updates

In this update, all spells for all classes from level 81 to 85 have been updated with expansion tags. This includes scrolls/tomes/songs as well for those spells. Many spells that are not scribeable in that level range will be filtered on the spell search tool in the next code update as well.

It looks like some GM event items have been tagged.

A few NPC's were updated as well with drops.

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Updated Items: Adventurer's Totem ;  Adventurer's Orb ;  Adventurer's Necklace ;  Adventurer's Amulet ;  Adventurer's Loop ;  Adventurer's Hoop ;  Adventurer's Band ;  Crushed Dufrenite ;  Supreme Adventurer's Totem ;  Supreme Adventurer's Scepter ;  Supreme Adventurer's Necklace ;  Supreme Adventurer's Amulet ;  Adventurer's Stone of Fire ;  Adventurer's Stone of Howler ;  Adventurer's Stone of Air ;  Supreme Adventurer's Loop ;  Supreme Adventurer's Ring ;  Supreme Adventurer's Band ;  Mighty Adventurer's Totem ;  Mighty Adventurer's Necklace ;  Mighty Adventurer's Hoop ;  Mighty Adventurer's Loop ;  Mighty Adventurer's Repellant ;  Mighty Adventurer's Ring ;  Mighty Adventurer's Band ;  Prominent Adventurer's Totem ; Prominent Adventurer's Tome ;  Prominent Adventurer's Orb ;  Prominent Adventurer's Wand ;  Prominent Adventurer's Loop ;  Prominent Adventurer's Repellant ;  Prominent Adventurer's Hoop ;  Prominent Adventurer's Ring ;  Mighty Adventurer's Amulet ;  Grand Adventurer's Totem ;  Grand Adventurer's Tome ;  Grand Adventurer's Orb ;  Grand Adventurer's Wand ;  Grand Adventurer's Necklace ;  Grand Adventurer's Amulet ;  Grand Adventurer's Loop ;  Grand Adventurer's Hoop ;  Grand Adventurer's Repellant ;  Grand Adventurer's Ring ;  Grand Adventurer's Band ;  Ascendant Adventurer's Totem ;  Ascendant Adventurer's Tome ;  Ascendant Adventurer's Wand ;  Ascendant Adventurer's Loop ;  Ascendant Adventurer's Hoop ; Ascendant Adventurer's Ring ;  Ascendant Adventurer's Band ;  Avid Adventurer's Totem ;  Avid Adventurer's Tome ;  Avid Adventurer's Necklace ;  Avid Adventurer's Amulet ;  Low Quality Bear Skin ;  Crude Binding Powder ;  Weak Nigriventer Venom;  Fresh Fish ;  Drape of the High Arcron ;  Fish Scales ;  Lake Pebble ;  Piranha Tooth ;  Fresh Piranha ;  Crude Defiant Ruby Shard ;  Human Blood ;  Low Quality Wolf Skin 

Bestiary Updates: a piranha ;  a piranha ;  a piranha ;  a bear cub ;  Klok Roshin ;  a poacher ;  Poacher ;  Warden Bruke ;  an ogre mercenary ;  a bloodsaber defiler ;  a fish ;  a piranha ;  a piranha ;  Marcelyn Sjobern ;  an iron-bound chest


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