EQ Update #3

Site Updates

In this update, new comments were caught up to this post.

Koryu has been busy updating oramentation sets with screenshots as well.

RoS spells via the spell search tool are now filtered of non scribeable spells.

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Updated Items: Sabretooth Skull ;  Woodcarved Butterfly ;  Fine Feathers ;  Draconic Ore ;  Song: Arcane Arietta ;  Song: Aura of Rodcet ;  Song: Cantata of Courage ;  Song: Gruber's Lively Crescendo ;  Amethyst-Studded Ring ;  Archaic Chain Boots ;  Archaic Chain Coat ;  Archaic Chain Coif ;  Archaic Chain Gauntlets ;  Archaic Chain Sleeves ;  Archaic Chain Leggings ;  Archaic Chain Wristguard ;  Archaic Cloth Cap ;  Archaic Cloth Gloves ;  Amber Pendant ;  Crude Defiant Cloth Gloves ; Grade A Laburnum Extract ;  Malleable Loam ;  Corrupted Sapphire Amulet ;  Grade A Nigriventer Venom ;  Crude Spinneret Fluid ;  Damp Marrow ;  Rough Animal Pelt ;  Rubicite Ore ;  Thick Silk ;  Crude Silk ;  Grade A Oleander Extract ;  Fulginate Ore ;  Chelaki Tail ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Gem of Adroitness ;  Xounii's Journal Page 2 Right Half ;  Seal of Charasis Fragment ;  Flawless Conflagrant Diamond ;  Median Marked Symbol of the Ring of Scale ;  Greater Marked Symbol of the Ring of Scale ;  Lesser Marked Symbol of the Ring of Scale ;  Minor Marked Symbol of the Ring of Scale ;  Glowing Marked Symbol of the Ring of Scale ;  Scaleborn Cap Facet ;  Scaleborn Gloves Facet ;  Prickly Pear ;  Shield of Spines ;  Mask of Suffering ; Tome of Knuckle Crush Rk. III ;  Tome of Jeer ;  Tome of Shield Topple Rk. III ;  Spell: Thricewoven Energy ;  Spell: Klixcxyk's Fire ;  Spell: Icicle Torrent ;  Spell: Telajara ;  Spell: Ethereal Combustion ;  Marquise Cut Ruby Ornament ;  Spell: Ethereal Iceblight Rk. III ;  Spell: Flashblaze Rk. III ;  Spell: Nethermist Guard ;  Spell: Gelid Snap Rk. III ;  Spell: Ribbon Lightning ;  Spell: Ribbon Lightning Rk. II ;  Spell: Leap of Lightning Sprites ;  Spell: Squamae of the Crystalwing Rk. II ;  Spell: Squamae of the Crystalwing ;  Spell: Flarelure ;  Spell: Leap of Static Jolts Rk. II ;  Spell: Leap of Static Jolts ;  Spell: Cloudburst Levin ;  Spell: Serene Harvest ;  Spell: Talendor's Presence ;  Spell: Voidfrost Lure Rk. II 

Updated Quests: Custom Plate Helms - Thurgadin ;  Breakdown in Communication #6: Vxed ;  Breakdown in Communication #11: Qvic ;  Barbarian Cultural Armor (DoN) ;  Burrowing Desecrators ;  Hermit's Paradise ;  The Dragons' Graveyard ;  Fell Foliage (Group) ;  Chokidai Unbound ;  Fell Foliage (Raid) 

Updated Recipes: Duo Setting Tool ;  Marquise Cut Tool ;  Pear Cut Tool ;  Half-Moon Cut Tool ;  Oval Cut Tool ;  Round Cut Tool 

Bestiary Updates: Dralliw`tar ;  an ikaav fleshflare ;  Prunae ;  Zebuxoruk ;  an invading gnoll pup ;  a sabertooth cat ;  Saber ;  a Fereth officer ;  a fereth captain ;  a Fereth commander ;  a Fereth lord ;  Cactiikii ;  a pungent chest ;  Deralin the Dread Arisen ;  Compost Cube


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