EQ Update #2

Site Updates

In this update, new comments were updated until late evening last night.

Also RoS Conflagrant augs that come from a wrapped item, those recipes were switched over to the wrapped item instead. Item descriptions were updated for all those items.

More updates were done to RoS quests.

New RoS poison recipes were added thanks to Tobynn.

I went through a few NPC's in PoK and updated their vendor tables to include RoS tradekill items. Let us know if there are more NPC's that need to be updated.

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New Items: Spiritual Alacrity II Benefit RoS ;  Harmony of Essence Benefit RoS ;  Enchanted Dragon 

Updated Items: Orc Scalp ;  The First Brood ;  Magnetic Finger Hoop ;  Kunzar Impaler ;  Totem of Venril Sathir ;  Epaulets of the Azure Sky ;  Earpiece of the Jarsath ;  Spiked Kylong Collar ;  Ring of the Obulus ;  Scaled Sleeve Facet ;  Ancient Shissar Apothic Staff ;  Scaled Cap Facet ;  Rile's Betrayal ;  V'Deers' Seer's Sneer ;  Hissilith's Bone ;  Ancient Burnt Cloak ;  Greater Combine Jewelry Notebook ;  Cleaning Solution ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Savviness ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Resilience ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Proficiency ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Intensity ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Ingenuity ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Harmony ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Gem of Vigor ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Gem of Striking ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Gem of Security ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Gem of Devastation ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Gem of Brilliance ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Gem of Adroitness ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Celerity ;  Conflagrant Savviness ;  Conflagrant Proficiency ;  Conflagrant Intensity ;  Conflagrant Ingenuity ;  Conflagrant Harmony ;  Conflagrant Gem of Vigor ;  Conflagrant Gem of Striking ;  Conflagrant Gem of Security ;  Conflagrant Gem of Devastation ;  Conflagrant Gem of Adroitness ;  Conflagrant Gem of Brilliance ; Conflagrant Celerity ;  Lumber Plank ;  Diamond ;  Enchanted Runestone ;  Writing Ink ;  Enchanted Bristles ;  Scavenger Head ;  Holgresh Mojo Stick ;  Sorcerer's Extravagant Necklace ;  Warding Star ;  Soda ;  Green Meat is Tasty ;  Freshly Cleaned Vegetables ;  Charm Sketch ;  Oval Clay Stamp ;  Pear Clay Stamp ;  Round Clay Stamp ;  Trillion Clay Stamp ;  Square Clay Stamp ;  Pottery Glaze Samples ;  Greater Combine Pottery Notebook ;  Combine Refined Clay ;  Marquise Clay Stamp ; Power of Fire ;  Conflagrant Ore 

Updated Quests: Darkforge Breastplate ;  Faerie Dragon Wings ;  Achievement: Fiery Beauty (Argin-Hiz) ;  On Behest of the Emperor ;  For My Information ;  Gorowyn Wares ;  Measure of the Dead ;  Singing Stone ;  Songs of Old ;  Lay the Trap ; Chokidai Unbound ;  Who is Buried in Sathir's Tomb? 

New Recipes: Draconic Poison ;  Acidic Abrasive ;  Drachnid Toxin ;  Phlogiston Miasma ;  Draconic Formula

Updated Recipes: Wrapped Conflagrant Gem of Brilliance ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Gem of Security ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Gem of Striking ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Gem of Vigor ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Harmony ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Savviness ; Wrapped Conflagrant Celerity ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Ingenuity ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Intensity ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Gem of Devastation 

Bestiary Updates: The Skeleton Sepulcher ;  a storm giant foreman ;  Audri Deepfacet [Jewelcrafting Supplies] ;  Chef Denrun [Baking Merchant] ;  Sculptor Radee [Pottery Merchant] ;  Mother Virgia ;  an enchanted Syldon stalker ;  a Drogan venomeater ;  a Drogan stalagknight ;  a Drogan rager ;  a tundra yeti ;  a Drogan cackler ;  a wayward cliff golem ;  Hissilith, the Brittlebones ;  The Great Sentinel ;  Kluzen the Protector ;  Milyex Vioren ;  Ellarr Stormcloud ;  Travenro the Skygazer ; Elder Azeron ;  a Di`zok strategist ;  lava elemental ;  a planar conduit


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