EQ Update #1

Site Updates

Happy New Year!

In this update, more RoS quests were updated with various information and formatting changes, along with adding missing links. The Scaled Key quest was updated with prerequisite quests and other formatting changes.

I added some RoS tradeskill items along with their recipes to the RoS tradeskill wiki page.

Various items were updated with what they drop from. 

Also some spell recipe corrections and some new recipes were added.

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New Items: Piece of a Medallion 

Updated Items: Rough Silk ;  Crude Defiant Plate Bracer ;  Burnt Bone Chips ;  Skeleton Parts ;  Words of Neglect ;  Words of Duress ;  Velium Silvered Rune ;  Thick Silk ;  Sunshard Dust ;  Rough Defiant Spiked Staff ;  Rough Animal Pelt ;  Pliant Loam ;  Medicinal Herbs ;  Lumber Plank ;  Kobold Parts ;  Ivory ;  Iridium Ore ;  Gold Ring ;  Crude Spinneret Fluid ;  Crude Silk ;  Consigned Bite of the Shissar V ;  Cloth Bolt ;  Black Powder Pouch ;  Black Henbane ;  Amber ;  Rune of Embrace ; Satchel of the Combine Hero ;  Spell: Magmatic Eruption Rk. II ;  Spell: Chaos Combustion Rk. II ;  Impervious Guardian's Buckler ;  Combine Grease 

Updated Quests: Scaled Key 

New Recipes: Spell: Chaos Combustion Rk. II ;  Spell: Magmatic Eruption Rk. II 

Updated Recipes: Spell: Devout Cleansing Rk. II 

Bestiary Updates: greater kobold ;  a greater kobold shaman ;  a kobold champion ;  a lesser lavaspinner ;  a burnt guardian ;  Engineer Beri [Tinkering Merchant] ;  The Stone Dove ;  a laborer ;  an iron sentinel ;  Fereth Captain Ordran


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