EQ Update #318

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Players are reporting that bonus experience is turned on. Let us know if you figure out which percentage it is.

In this update, some Underfoot and VoA jewelcrafting recipes were created and others updated and those items were tagged with their expansions.

Some RoS quests were updated with info and the Fell Foliage raid was updated with some information about the raid. We'll still need some details on that raid.

RoS raid achievements were updated with links to related content.

I worked on filtering RoS spells via the spell search tool and finished cleric spells this time around. I'll let everyone know when I'm done with that and push it all live.

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New Items: Summoned: Gorstruck Shortsword ;  Silver-tipped Stake ;  Singed Note 

Updated Items: Natural Silk ;  Concentrated Grade B Gormar Venom ;  Planar Alloy Duo Veil ;  Planar Alloy Duo Ring ;  Planar Alloy Duo Pendant ;  Planar Alloy Duo Earring ;  Planar Alloy Duo Bracelet ;  Planar Alloy Solo Ring ;  Planar Alloy Solo Pendant ;  Planar Alloy Solo Earring ;  Alaran Metal Solo Pendant ;  Alaran Metal Solo Earring ;  Alaran Metal Solo Bracelet ;  Alaran Metal Duo Veil ;  Alaran Metal Duo Ring ;  Alaran Metal Duo Pendant ;  Alaran Metal Duo Earring ;  Cosgrite Solo Veil;  Cosgrite Solo Ring ;  Cosgrite Solo Earring ;  Cosgrite Solo Bracelet ;  Cosgrite Duo Bracelet ;  Glowing Clawed Tablet of the Ring of Scale ;  Glistening Kylong Signet ;  Goo Polished Mace ;  Despot's Belt ;  Magma Gleam ;  Scaled Sleeve Facet ; Scale Touched Gloves Facet ;  Llywelore's Earring of Tenacity ;  Virulent Stiletto ;  Shielded Aegis ;  Hoard-Thieves' Bloodied Bag 

Updated Quests: Testing the Waters ;  For My Information ;  Fell Foliage (Group) ;  The Fereth ;  Talendor (Group) 

New Recipes: Cosgrite Duo Bracelet ;  Cosgrite Solo Bracelet ;  Cosgrite Solo Earring ;  Cosgrite Solo Ring ;  Cosgrite Solo Veil ;  Alaran Metal Duo Earring ;  Alaran Metal Duo Pendant ;  Alaran Metal Duo Ring ;  Alaran Metal Duo Veil ;  Alaran Metal Solo Bracelet ;  Alaran Metal Solo Earring ;  Alaran Metal Solo Pendant ;  Planar Alloy Solo Earring ;  Planar Alloy Solo Pendant ;  Planar Alloy Solo Ring ;  Planar Alloy Duo Bracelet ;  Planar Alloy Duo Earring ;  Planar Alloy Duo Pendant ;  Planar Alloy Duo Ring ;  Planar Alloy Duo Veil 

Updated Recipes: Cosgrite Duo Pendant ;  Cosgrite Solo Pendant ;  Exalted Vicious Symbol of Decay ;  Alaran Metal Trio Earring ;  Cosgrite Duo Earring ;  Alaran Metal Trio Ring ;  Alaran Metal Solo Veil ;  Alaran Metal Trio Pendant ;  Alaran Metal Trio Bracelet ;  Alaran Metal Trio Veil ;  Alaran Metal Duo Bracelet ;  Alaran Metal Solo Ring ;  Compartmented Planar Alloy Trio Earring ;  Compartmented Planar Alloy Trio Pendant ;  Compartmented Planar Alloy Trio Ring ;  Compartmented Planar Alloy Trio Veil ;  Planar Alloy Trio Bracelet ;  Planar Alloy Trio Earring ;  Planar Alloy Trio Pendant ;  Planar Alloy Trio Ring ;  Planar Alloy Trio Veil ;  Planar Alloy Solo Bracelet ;  Planar Alloy Solo Veil 

Bestiary Updates: Cytodl K`rish ;  Prak ;  Vranol Blackguard ;  A Blood Leech ;  a Kar`zok grave robber


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Bonus EXP
# Dec 31 2017 at 3:17 PM Rating: Excellent
1,670 posts
Bonus EXP is definitely turned on. I've seen it and it's also listed on the new in-game calendar (command: /calendar). It will last until Jan 3, 2018 01:59 AM (PST).

I do not know what the percentage is, but others are speculating that it's 50% like last year, which seems believable.

Frostfell quests will last until January 7 and New Year's quests will last until January 21.
I realized the moment I fell into the Fissure that the book would not be destroyed as I had planned.
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