EQ Update #317

Site Updates

In this update, all Ring of Scale achievements are now created and attached to the Ring of Scale wiki achievement page. We still have some details to fill in for some of them but we'll get that done soon.

Some new items coming in which I'm not sure yet what some of them are for so we'll need folks to let us know.

I added some new recipes for some of the sub combines for Crestra's Elegant Earring and the recipe for the item itself.

More RoS NPC's were updated with drops. And some other non RoS NPC's were updated with screenshots.

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New Items: Summoned: Gorstruck Iceblade ;  Summoned: Gorstruck Ragesword ;  Summoned: Gorstruck Fireblade ;  Summoned: Gorstruck Mindblade ;  Folded Pack of Wirn's Plate ;  Terrorstone Truncheon ;  Jittery Hoop ;  Fragment of Sathir's Seal;  Defender's Shield ;  Dragon-Bone Horn 

Updated Items: Kunzar Engraved Copper ;  Torn Weathered Parchment ;  Conflagrant Bone Dust ;  Broken Ceramic Cup ;  Wooden Cazic Idol ;  Tattered Baby Sling ;  Tiny Carved Shissar ;  Nathsar Engraved Copper ;  Dusty Metal Spoon ;  Splintered Wooden Recorder ;  Minor Clawed Tablet of the Ring of Scale ;  Frayed Muslin Patch ;  Ancient Silver Coin ;  Iron Dust ;  Green Golden Death's Head Medal ;  Sebilisian Imperial Gold ;  Shadowed Spear ;  Guard of the Marines ;  Slime ;  Ancient Brellium Coin ;  Kylong Engraved Copper ;  Lacertilia Ectoplasm ;  Wooden Slave Coin ;  Broken Chelsith Silver ;  Black Golden Death's Head Medal ;  Silver Death's Head Medal ;  Ancient Steel Coin ;  Jarsath Engraved Copper ;  Ancient Copper Coin;  Devourer Tail ;  Conflagrant Diamond ;  Veeshan's Tears ;  Raptor Crest ;  Drake Wingbone ;  Basilisk Petrification Stone ;  Crestra's Elegant Earring ;  Crystalized Veeshan's Tears ;  Raptor Leather Polishing Cloth ;  Drake Wingbone Earring Reinforcement ;  Basilisk Petrification Stone Bead ;  Blackened August Warhammer ;  Exalted Sarnak Battle Shield Ornamentation ;  Exalted Shan`Tok Ornamentation ;  Exalted Shai`din Longbow Ornamentation ;  Ivory 

New Quests: The Overthere Traveler ;  The Skyfire Mountains Traveler ;  The Howling Stones Traveler ;  Sathir's Tomb Traveler ;  Gorowyn Traveler ;  Veeshan's Peak Traveler ;  Explorer of The Ring of Scale ;  Familiar Emperors (Raid) ;  The Lost Empire (Raid) ;  Atrocious (Raid) ;  Green Thumb (Raid) ;  Brown Thumb (Raid) ;  Stalwart Guardian (Raid) ;  No Outbreaks (Raid) ;  Unhammered (Raid) ;  Efficient Investigator ;  Naught for the Gnawlings ;  Loot Hoarder ;  Serial Sarnak Killer ; Cryptbreaker ;  Keep Away ;  Ghost Buster ;  Resisting the Pull ;  Careful Cures ;  No Fakes ;  Ghosted ;  Foul Breath ;  Vortexless ;  Free Rider ;  Audience Participation ;  Partly Cloudy ;  Storm Clears ;  Sudden Death ;  Inflammable? (Raid) ;  Keep the Shades Down (Raid) ;  The Hard Way (Raid) ;  Vanquisher of Fell Foliage ;  Vanquisher of End of Empire ;  Vanquisher of Crypt Robbers ;  Vanquisher of Drusella's Vault ;  Vanquisher of The Sathir Line ;  Vanquisher of Balance of Power ;  Vanquisher of Hoshkar ;  Vanquisher of Silverwing and Xygoz ;  Vanquisher of Talendor ;  Vanquisher of The Ring of Scale 

Updated Quests: Killing Claws ;  Bipedal Dragons ;  Journey Into Terror ;  Expanding Frontiers (Group) 

New Recipes: Basilisk Petrification Stone Bead ;  Drake Wingbone Earring Reinforcement ;  Raptor Leather Polishing Cloth ;  Crystalized Veeshan's Tears ;  Crestra's Elegant Earring 

Updated Recipes: Velium Geode Bracelet (Magical) ;  Spider's Bite XIX 

Bestiary Updates: Potamide Matriarch ;  a majestic cockatrice ;  a bottomless feaster ;  a helot skeleton ;  a helot spirit ;  a mortiferous golem ;  a sepulcher skeleton ;  a sepulcher spectre ;  a spectre of the Arisen ;  an Arisen marine ;  an Arisen mentor ;  an arisen spectre ;  Arisen Bones ;  pulsating bile ;  Shandral Arisen ;  a frenzied racnar ;  a frenetic racnar ;  an elder wyvern guardian ;  an enraged racnar ;  Blood-Thirsty Racnar ;  Arisen Mentor Sishallan


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