EQ Update #316

Site Updates

In this update, new comments were caught up until late evening. 

Also the Cat in a Bag and Dog in a Crate items were tagged and the achievements were created/updated.

Some new spell, poison recipes were added.

NPC's were updated with mainly item drops.

Bunch of quests were updated. Some updates to their formatting as well.

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New Items: Cliff ;  Enchanted Dragon Scale ;  Grey Crystal ;  Piece of a Medallion ;  Dragon's Blood ;  Piece of a Medallion ;  Hoard-Thieves' Bloodied Bag 

Updated Items: Minor Clawed Tablet of the Ring of Scale ;  Scaled Cap Facet ;  Lesser Writ of the Combine ;  Soother's Extravagant Earring ;  Scaled Shoes Facet ;  Miniature Reaper's Scythe ;  Slime ;  Spider's Bite XIX ;  Sentinel's Braided Sash ;  Turtle Skull ;  Scorching Golem Mud ; Conflagrant Diamond ;  Metallurgy of Souls ;  Blunder Blockers ;  Sebilisian Satchel ;  Piece of a Medallion ;  Spell: Solarsliver Rk. II ;  Spell: Forbear Corruption Rk. II ;  Sorcerer's Extravagant Earring ;  Spell: Aspect of Zomm Rk. II ;  Spell: Reaping Inferno Rk. II ;  Spell: Assiduous Impurity Rk. II ;  Ability: Mass Enchant Conflagrant Platinum ;  Virzak's Chipped Pauldrons ;  Stone Two Handed Hammer  ; Shadow Familiar ;  Santug's Antonican Pup Familiar ;  Adoptable Santug's Antonican Pup ;  Santug's Halasian Pup Familiar ;  Adoptable Santug's Halasian Pup ;  Santug's Grey Pup Familiar ;  Adoptable Santug's Grey Pup ;  Antonican Frostfell Pup Familiar ;  Adoptable Antonican Frostfell Pup ;  Halasian Frostfell Pup Familiar ;  Adoptable Halasian Frostfell Pup ;  Grey Frostfell Pup Familiar ;  Adoptable Grey Frostfell Pup ;  Halasian Wolf Familiar ;  Grey Wolf Familiar ;  Adoptable Halasian Wolf ;  Adoptable Grey Wolf ;  Adoptable Antonican Wolf ;  Antonican Wolf Familiar ;  Adoptable Halasian Highlander ;  Dog in a Crate ;  Antonican Shorthair Familiar ;  Cat in a Bag ;  Majestic String of Fire Stones ;  Minor Clawed Tablet of the Ring of Scale ;  Scaled Cap Facet ;  Lesser Writ of the Combine ;  Soother's Extravagant Earring ;  Scaled Shoes Facet ; Miniature Reaper's Scythe ;  Slime ;  Spider's Bite XIX ;  Sentinel's Braided Sash ;  Turtle Skull ;  Scorching Golem Mud ;  Conflagrant Diamond ;  Metallurgy of Souls ;  Blunder Blockers 

New Quests: Dog in a Crate: Hounds ;  Dog in a Crate: Frostfell Spirit ;  Dog in a Crate: Packmaster 

Updated Quests: Rungupp ;  Norrath's Keepers: Simple Task ;  Ways of Combat ;  LDoN Raid: Miragul's Menagerie: Spider Den ;  The Beast of Rage ;  Frostfell - Time for a Change ;  Frostfell - All You Need is Luck ;  Achievement: Hero of Korafax, Home of the Riders ;  Yrelia #1: The Great Hunt ;  Crizlyna #1: Assault the Main Hive ;  Lark #1: The Toll Road ;  Shadowknight Thurgadin Armor ;  Methods of Sarnak Destruction ;  Here or Over There? ;  Testing the Waters ;  Golems Gone Wild ;  What Makes a Scorpiki? ;  Details of the Sky ;  Weight of the Sky ;  Measure of the Dead;  The Orb of Fire ;  Bane Bound ;  The Arisen ;  Chokidai Unbound ;  Hunter of The Overthere ;  Headhunter (The Overthere) ;  Scaled Key ;  Achievement: Cat in a Bag: Cats ;  Here or Over There?

New Recipes: Spell: Aspect of Zomm Rk. II ;  Ability: Mass Enchant Conflagrant Platinum ;  Spell: Assiduous Impurity Rk. II ;  Spell: Reaping Inferno Rk. II ;  Spider's Bite XIX ;  Spell: Forbear Corruption Rk. II ;  Spell: Solarsliver Rk. II 

Updated Recipes: Compartmented Dwerium Trio Pendant ;  Compartmented Dwerium Trio Bracelet 

Bestiary Updates: a pulsating bile ;  a grimling spiritchanter ;  Body Elemental ;  Cobalt ;  a Syldon corrupter ;  a goblin flashdrowser ;  a stalwart goblin legate ;  a massive tundra yeti ;  a tundra yeti ;  a frenzied drachnid webstrander ;  a tropical crab ;  Janissary Virzak ;  Rigelon the Watcher ; an ancient volcanite ;  a spectre of the Arisen ;  an arisen convert ;  an Arisen marine ;  an Arisen mentor ;  an Arisen officer ;  an arisen spectre ;  an iron sentinel of the Arisen ;  Arisen Bones ;  Deka the Reaper ;  The Arisen Admiral Tylix ;  an Arisen ghost ;  The Arisen Dragoon T`Vex ;  The Arisen Dragoon T`Vem ;  Nureya Arisen ;  Shandral Arisen ;  General V`Deers, the Arisen ;  The Underlord ;  a sorcerous scorpiki ;  Arisen Fenistra ;  Ash Guardian Tolemak ;  Arisen Mentor Sishallan ;  Ghost of Rile ;  The Mouths of Misery


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