EQ Update #313

Site Updates

In this update, more RoS items were update with various info.

The RoS wiki has been updated with The Overthere collection achievements and all the items in those achievements with map coordinates.

Also all RoS raid weapons and shields screenshots were added to the Ornaments, Weapons and Shields wiki page.

Some NPC's were updated with various information as well.

Item Collector is updated.

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Updated Items: V'Deers' Seer's Sneer ;  Scorpikis Worry Stone ;  Conflagrant Wood ;  Conflagrant Ore ;  Imbued Golden Sapphire Earring ;  Conflagrant Gem of Devastation ;  Feline Skinned Girdle ;  Conflagrant Diamond ;  Greater Writ of the Combine ;  Digger's Friend ;  Conflagrant Reptile Skin ;  Kunark Conflagrant Powder ;  Akett's Glimmer ;  Eye of One ;  Scaled Tunic Facet ;  Fathomless Staff of Warding ;  Conflagrant Raw Silk ;  Bloodforged Cloth Chest Ornament ;  Conflagrant Platinum ;  Greater Clawed Tablet of the Ring of Scale ;  Arcron Plate Helm Ornament 

New Recipes: Conflagrant Gem of Devastation ;  Imbued Golden Sapphire Earring 

Bestiary Updates: a Syldon chef ;  a Syldon reviver ;  a Syldon enforcer ;  a Drogan reveler ;  a Wulthan coadjutor ;  a crumbling cliff golem ;  a skyash drake ;  The Gatekeeper ;  a Wulthan grand inquisitor ;  a Wulthan administrator ; Overlord Teralov ;  General V`Deers, the Arisen ;  a Kar`zok grave robber ;  a Kar`zok infiltrator ;  a Wulthan grand inquisitor ;  a Kar`Zok assassin


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