EQ Update #312

Site Updates

In this update, all new comments are caught up to last night. Also some recipes were corrected for RoS augs and some added recipes for tier 1 tradeskill type 5's.

Screenshots were uploaded for all RoS weapons and shields to their item pages. I'll be updating the RoS wiki with all those soon.

We're testing the item collector to make sure everything is working like it should. If everything works, we'll be able to roll it out tonight to the public.

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Updated Items: Scale Touched Tunic Facet ;  Scale Touched Sleeve Facet ;  Scale Touched Shoes Facet ;  Scale Touched Pants Facet ;  Scale Touched Cap Facet ;  Scale Touched Bracer Facet ;  Scale Touched Gloves Facet ; Elaborate Conjurer's Ear Stud ;  Lhranc's Burned Club ;  Amorphous Cohort's Helm ;  Amorphous Cohort's Wristguard ;  Amorphous Cohort's Leggings ;  Amorphous Cohort's Gauntlets ;  Amorphous Cohort's Sleeves ;  Amorphous Cohort's Breastplate ;  Disease Package ;  Jerill's Orders ;  Devourer Tail ;  Crimson Armor Battle Cat Saddle ;  Cerulean Armor Battle Cat Saddle ;  Bronze Armor Battle Cat Saddle ;  Battle Cat Statuette ;  Scaled Tunic Facet ;  Totem of Venril Sathir ;  Aura of Sky Shield ;  Rune Binding Stain ;  Kylong Stud ;  Ontogenic Planar Energy ;  Herald Telcha Familiar ;  Magic Touched Fereth Rhodium ;  Gorowyn Translocator Lantern ;  Gorowyn Translocator Beacon ; Chokidai Leather Stamping Surface ;  Painting: Ring of Scale ;  Howling Stones Tomb Box ;  Devourer Familiar ;  Cockatrice Mount ;  Basilisk Spine Earring Hook ;  Guise of the Iron-Toothed Earthdigger ;  Crestra's Intricate Earring ; Bridle of the Balefire Wyvern ;  Fereth Rhodium ;  Basilisk Crest Spine ;  Chokidai Crest Plate ;  Scuffed Traveler's Rucksack ;  Cockatrice Egg ;  Research Notes ;  Green Snake Egg ;  Conflagrant Proficiency ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Proficiency ;  Conflagrant Intensity ;  Conflagrant Ingenuity ;  Conflagrant Celerity ;  Conflagrant Savviness ;  Polished Sebilisian Marble ;  Raw Supple Runic Hide ;  Grade A Gormar Venom ;  Grade A Caladium Extract ;  Ornate Defiant Harpoon ;  Ornate Defiant Gladius ;  Fulginate Ore ;  Ornate Defiant Plate Gauntlets ;  Thick Silk ;  Pliant Loam ;  Green Goblin Skin ;  Gray Orb of Varo the Third 

New Quests: Mouth of the Dragon 

Updated Quests: Demiplane Access Optional: Memories Lost ;  Apathy of Decay ;  Ask the Invaders ;  Ordering the Discordant ;  Testing the Waters ;  The Dragons' Graveyard ;  Golems Gone Wild ;  For My Information ;  What Makes a Scorpiki? ;  Fell Foliage (Group) ;  Gorowyn Wares 

New Recipes: Wrapped Conflagrant Proficiency ;  Conflagrant Savviness ;  Conflagrant Celerity ;  Conflagrant Ingenuity ;  Conflagrant Intensity ;  Conflagrant Proficiency ;  Crestra's Intricate Earring ;  Basilisk Spine Earring Hook ; Chokidai Leather Stamping Surface ;  Magic Touched Fereth Rhodium 

Updated Recipes: Dristilate ;  Conflagrant Gem of Adroitness ;  Conflagrant Gem of Brilliance ;  Conflagrant Gem of Security ;  Conflagrant Gem of Striking ;  Conflagrant Gem of Vigor ;  Conflagrant Harmony 

Bestiary Updates: Finlay Kitoran ;  Grachnist the Destroyer ;  a frantic goblin ;  Ferocious Goblin ;  Raving Goblinmaster ;  Stonebite ;  a scrykin tempest ;  Pelias ;  Scholar Klaz [Research Merchant] ;  Jerill the Enraged ;  Cathal Paclock ;  Eviscerator Frilis ;  Witchdoctor Parawin ;  Archon Hekip ;  a chokidai elder ;  a chokidai elder ;  a Krellnakor berserker ;  Fang ;  Saber ;  Myrmidon Tundak ;  a bottomless devourer ;  The Arisen Admiral Tylix ;  The Arisen Dragoon T`Vem ;  Tormented Adalora ;  a chest (Fell Foliage (Group))


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