EQ Update #311

Site Updates

In this update, more RoS achievements were added. Also raid entries and their zones were created but will need at least basic info on them.

All RoS scrolls/tomes/songs should be attached to either a vendor or their rune quest.

A few NPC's had their info updated as well.

I'll be making a pass over new comments today.

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New Items: Piece of a Medallion ;  Scorpikis Worry Stone 

Updated Items: Polished Sebilisian Marble ;  Conflagrant Proficiency ;  Wrapped Conflagrant Proficiency ;  Raw Supple Runic Hide ;  Grade A Gormar Venom ;  Grade A Caladium Extract ;  Ornate Defiant Harpoon ;  Ornate Defiant Gladius ;  Fulginate Ore ;  Ornate Defiant Plate Gauntlets ; Thick Silk ;  Pliant Loam ;  Green Goblin Skin ;  Gray Orb of Varo the Third ;  Charmed Incisor ;  Woodcarved Volcano ;  Scaled Tunic Facet ;  Glistening Kylong Signet ;  Scroll: Gift of T`Vem Rk. III ;  Scroll: Insidious Denial Rk. III ;  Scroll: Refute for Power Rk. III ;  Scroll: Blood of Drakus Rk. III;  Scroll: Mendacious Audacity Rk. III ;  Scroll: Mental Fright Rk. III ;  Scroll: Xalgoz's Bite Rk. III ;  Scroll: Bond of Xalgoz Rk. III ;  Scroll: Winter's Wildblaze Rk. III ;  Scroll: Winter's Wildblaze ;  Scroll: Revitalization Rk. II ;  Scroll: Arcronite Blessing Rk. II ;  Scroll: Summer Sunflame Rk. III ; Scroll: Sunflame Rk. III ;  Scroll: Sunflash Blessing Rk. III ;  Scroll: Remote Moonflash Rk. III ;  Scroll: Survival of the Auspicious Rk. III ;  Scroll: Remote Sunblaze Rk. III ;  Scroll: Skin to Sumac Rk. III ;  Scroll: Promised Rebirth Rk. III ;  Scroll: Frostreave Chill Rk. III ;  Scroll: Arcronite Skin Rk. III;  Scroll: Thunderbolt of the Stormborn Rk. III ;  Scroll: Tectonic Eruption Rk. III ;  Scroll: Expurgated Blood Rk. III ;  Scroll: Endure Corruption Rk. III ;  Scroll: Nature's Blistering Wrath Rk. III ;  Scroll: Nature's Blistering Wrath Rk. II ;  Scroll: Lunasalve Rk. III ;  Scroll: Lunasalve Rk. II ;  Scroll: Mask of the Wildtender Rk. III ;  Scroll: Mask of the Wildtender Rk. II ;  Scroll: Frostreave Crystals Rk. III ;  Scroll: Frostreave Crystals Rk. II ;  Scroll: Legacy of Daggerspikes Rk. III ;  Scroll: Legacy of Daggerspikes Rk. II ;  Scroll: Guard of the Reptile Rk. III ;  Scroll: Guard of the Reptile ;  Scroll: Glistening Frost Rk. III ;  Scroll: Frostreave Aura Rk. III 

New Quests: Conqueror of Sathir's Tomb ;  Conqueror of Gorowyn ;  Hoshkar ;  Silverwing and Xygoz ;  Talendor (Raid) ;  Conqueror of Veeshan's Peak (RoS) ;  Conqueror of The Ring of Scale 

Updated Quests: Testing the Waters ;  Trail of Discovery ;  RoS Rank II Level 108 Spells: Median Clawed Tablet of the Ring of Scale 

New Recipes: Wrapped Conflagrant Proficiency 

Updated Recipes: Conflagrant Gem of Adroitness 

Bestiary Updates: Grachnist the Destroyer ;  Dread Lord M`Noxin ;  a frantic goblin ;  Ferocious Goblin ;  Raving Goblinmaster ;  a scrykin tempest ;  a Krellnakor berserker ;  Fang ;  The Arisen Dragoon T`Vex ;  Arisen Gloriant Kra`du ;  Cactikii ;  a spiteful succulent ;  a surreal succulent ;  a pitiful succulent ;  a renegade succulent 

New Zones: Veeshan's Peak [RoS]: Talendor (Raid) ;  Veeshan's Peak [RoS]: Silverwing and Xygoz (Raid) ;  Veeshan's Peak [RoS]: Hoshkar (Raid) 

Zone Updates: Veeshan's Peak [RoS]: Talendor (Raid) ;  Veeshan's Peak [RoS]: Silverwing and Xygoz (Raid) ;  Veeshan's Peak [RoS]: Hoshkar (Raid) ;  The Overthere [RoS]: Fell Foliage (Raid) ;  The Overthere [RoS]: Fell Foliage (Group) ;  Sathir's Tomb: The Sathir Line (Raid) ;  Sathir's Tomb: Drusella's Vault (Raid) ;  Sathir's Tomb: Crypt Robbers (Raid) ;  Skyfire Mountains [RoS]: Talendor (Group)


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