12-14-2017 Patch and EQ Update #307

Site Updates

December 14, 2017



*** Tradeskills ***


- Corrected an issue that prevented players from completing tradeskill combines intended for Ring of Scale. This includes the upgrades to armor for Empires of Kunark and within Ring of Scale.



*** Quests And Events ***


- Crypt Robbers - Area of effect spells should no longer set off traps.

- Fell Foliage (Mission) - The mission instance no longer has any requirements to enter the zone.

- End of Empire (Raid and Mission) - Talendor's Fiery Breath will now work in the raid and in both the mission and raid will have a slightly narrower cone.



*** Spells ***


- Beastlord, Magician, Necromancer - Level 106 and higher pets can now be summoned without a valid pet focus item.

- Enchanter, Magician, Wizard - Fixed several spells that had "Unknown String" descriptions.

- Median Clawed Tablets of the Ring of Scale and Median Marked Symbols of the Ring of Scale will no longer give Promised Alleviation scrolls to players who are not Magicians or Beastlords.



*** Miscellaneous ***


- Fixed an issue with Monk Health and endurance from level 106 to 110.

- Fixed a bug that caused a reduction in player AC from levels 106-109.



- The EverQuest Team


In this update, more RoS items were tagged. Collection items that we had uploaded to the site were tagged and linked to their quests. Also Fereth ornamentations were tagged and linked to the RoS wiki ornamentations wiki page.

I created a page for RoS achievements as well and we're working on created entries for all of them.

More RoS spell/tomes were tagged and linked to their rune quest.

I also set expansions for level 100 through 105 spells for bards and beastlords using the spell search tool.

Some RoS NPC's were updated with missing vendor items, screenshots. Also some new NPC's were added in Skyfire Mountains that we hadn't seen before.

Poisoncrafting Table was added to The Overthere with a map location screenshot. Also the static container was created here on the site so we can use that in recipes.

Click Read More to see all the updates.

Updated Items: Fereth Plate Wrist Ornament ;  Fereth Plate Arms Ornament ;  Fereth Plate Feet Ornament ;  Fereth Plate Legs Ornament ;  Fereth Plate Hands Ornament ;  Fereth Plate Chest Ornament ;  Fereth Plate Helm Ornament ;  Fereth Leather Legs Ornament ;  Fereth Leather Wrist Ornament ;  Fereth Leather Helm Ornament ;  Fereth Leather Feet Ornament ;  Fereth Leather Hands Ornament ;  Fereth Leather Arms Ornament ;  Fereth Leather Chest Ornament ;  Fereth Cloth Arms Ornament ;  Fereth Cloth Robe Ornament ;  Fereth Cloth Feet Ornament ;  Fereth Cloth Legs Ornament ;  Fereth Cloth Hands Ornament ;  Fereth Cloth Wrist Ornament ;  Fereth Cloth Chest Ornament ;  Fereth Cloth Helm Ornament ;  Fereth Chain Legs Ornament ;  Fereth Chain Wrist Ornament ;  Fereth Chain Feet Ornament ;  Fereth Chain Hands Ornament ;  Fereth Chain Arms Ornament ;  Fereth Chain Chest Ornament ;  Fereth Chain Helm Ornament ;  Lava Lizard Meat ;  Fragment of the Seal of Scale ;  Bone Dust Infused Goo ;  Golem Empowerment Fragment ;  Conflagrant Ore ;  Conflagrant Bone Dust ;  Ashbreather's Supply Bag ;  Osbdosmn ;  Red Drake Eye ;  Cliff Golem Heartstone ;  Greater Combine Runes Notebook ;  Greater Combine Pottery Notebook ;  Greater Combine Jewelry Notebook ;  Broken Chokidai Fang ;  Severed Sarnak Talon ;  Ashbreather's Rations ;  Emaciated Froglok Skin ;  Chromadrac Skin ;  Black Drake Eye ;  Onyx Scales ;  Quick Shelter ;  Hillcrester's Rope ;  Fireproof Vest ;  Forge-stamped Ingot ;  Kres's Rules of Rulership ;  Desiccated Goblin Tongue ; Splintered Dragon Scale ;  Veksar City Sigil ;  Sebilis City Sigil ;  Torsis City Sigil ;  Kaesora City Sigil ;  Danak City Emblem ;  Brittle Giant Hair ;  Ancient Centipede ;  Ripped Vambrace ;  Shredded Breastplate ;  Shattered Shield ;  The First Brood ;  Fractured Blue Dragon Scale ;  Fractured Green Dragon Scale ;  Fractured Red Dragon Scale ;  Fractured White Dragon Scale ;  Fractured Gold Dragon Scale ;  Melted Longsword ;  Fractured Grey Dragon Scale ;  Fractured Silver Dragon Scale ;  Battered Helm ;  Fractured Black Dragon Scale ;  Scroll: Refute for Honor Rk. II ;  Scroll: Refute for Honor Rk. III ;  Scroll: Crush of the Timorous Deep Rk. III ;  Scroll: Sanctimonious Audacity Rk. II ;  Scroll: Sanctimonious Audacity Rk. III ;  Scroll: Lesson of Expiation Rk. II ;  Scroll: Lesson of Expiation Rk. III ;  Scroll: Splash of Depuration Rk. II ;  Scroll: Splash of Depuration Rk. III ;  Scroll: Revitalizating Steel Rk. II ;  Scroll: Revitalizating Steel Rk. III ;  Gloomsteel Blade ; Gloomsteel Axe ;  Gloomsteel Staff ;  Gloomsteel Hammer ;  Gloomiron Gauntlets ;  Gloomiron Boots ;  Gloomiron Bracer ;  Gloomiron Breastplate ;  Gloomiron Greaves ;  Gloomiron Helm ;  Gloomiron Vambraces ;  Black Powder Pouch ;  Blue Diamond ;  Lcea Katta Plate Arms Ornament ;  Tainted Laburnum ;  Cloth Bolt ; Finely Woven Cloth Belt ;  Leather Roll ;  Tainted Oleander ;  Diamond ;  Ooze Crystal ;  Glob of Fine Viscous Ooze ;  Elegant Defiant Silk Sandals ;  Amorphous Selrach's Wristguard ;  Amorphous Selrach's Sleeves ;  Amorphous Selrach's Leggings ;  Amorphous Selrach's Breastplate ;  Amorphous Selrach's Helm ; Amorphous Selrach's Gauntlets ;  Amorphous Selrach's Boots ;  Scroll: Force of Mercy Rk. II ;  Scroll: Force of Mercy Rk. III ;  Scroll: Mark of Orthiss Rk. II ;  Scroll: Mark of Orthiss Rk. III ;  Scroll: Expiation Rk. II ;  Scroll: Expiation Rk. III ;  Scroll: Preservation of Rodcet Rk. II ;  Scroll: Preservation of Rodcet Rk. III ;  Scroll: Force of Orthiss Rk. II ;  Scroll: Force of the Timorous Deep Rk. II ;  Scroll: Force of Orthiss Rk. III ;  Scroll: Force of the Timorous Deep Rk. III ;  Scroll: Hand of the Ashbound Keeper Rk. II ;  Scroll: Hand of the Ashbound Keeper Rk. III ;  Scroll: Protective Devotion Rk. II ;  Scroll: Protective Devotion Rk. III ;  Scroll: Ashbound Keeper Rk. II ;  Scroll: Symbol of Teralov Rk. II ;  Scroll: Ashbound Keeper Rk. III ;  Tome: Blessed Guardian Discipline Rk. II ;  Tome: Blessed Guardian Discipline Rk. III ;  Scroll: Symbol of Teralov Rk. III ;  Tome: Righteous Condemnation Rk. II ;  Tome: Righteous Condemnation Rk. III ;  Tome: Armor of Mercy Rk. II ;  Tome: Armor of Mercy Rk. III ;  Tome: Kar`Zok Mantle Rk. II ;  Tome: Kar`Zok Mantle Rk. III ;  Tome: Unyielding Affirmation Rk. II ;  Tome: Unyielding Affirmation Rk. III ;  Scroll: Consume Essence Rk. II ;  Scroll: Chaotic Munificence Rk. II ;  Scroll: Ethereal Skyfire Rk. III ;  Scroll: Ethereal Skyfire Rk. II ;  Axe of Malevolence ; Lacertilia Ectoplasm 

New Quests: The Ring of Scale Slayer ;  Scaled Key (Group) ;  Sathir's Seal (Raid) ;  Seal of Scale (Raid) 

Updated Quests: Bvellos' Bounty ;  Paladin Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest ;  Scout Vreshnar #5: The Golden One ;  Pottery Fragments ;  Arcanist Thalian #1: Renegade Servants ;  Arcanist Thalian #2: Storms of Magic ;  Library Heist ;  Parvus #1: The Serpent Slayer ;  Parvus #2: Battling the Shissar ;  Herb Retrieval ;  Parvus #3: Beheading the Snake ;  Reacquiring Control ;  The Incursion ;  Their Own Medicine ;  Preperations for Forward Action II ;  Preparations for Forward Action III ;  For My Information 

Bestiary Updates: Brokenclaw ;  a Flateye ooze ;  Dread Overseer Akalod ;  a Legion miner ;  a Drogan stalagknight ;  a bluff golem ;  Mercator Torquatus [Jewelry Making Supplies] ;  Mercator Geminus [Pottery Supplies] ;  Mercator Auger [Research Supplies] ;  a skycinder drake ;  a hamal skeleton ;  a hexbone skeleton ; a mortiferous golem ;  a spectre of the Arisen ;  pulsating bile ;  Alchemist Ren`zain ;  Poisoncrafting Table ;  an ashen retainer ;  Droccus the Malformed ;  Flogen Dax ;  an indagatrix materia salus ;  an arisen convert


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