EQ Update #305

Site Updates

In this update, more Ring of Scale achievements were added along with the rewarded items they give.

Some new RoS hunter acheivements were added along with the NPC's that tie into those achievements.

Collection items we have found so far were added to their particular achievements. I've been marking on my map, spawn points for collections as well and we'll publish those on our RoS wiki at some point. Also achievements for all the collections in RoS have been added, you can use our quest search tool (premium feature) to sort by era and collections to see a listing of all of them. We'll get a listing of them added to our RoS wiki when we get all the pieces on the site for each collection.

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Updated Items: Traveler's Cinched Bag ;  Yetihide Patchwork Bag ;  Scalebreaker's Storage Crate ;  Scavenger's Prize ;  Ground Bloom ;  Lucky Clover ;  Water Worm ;  Gravel Worm ;  Tundra Daisy ;  Pink Carnation ;  White Carnation ;  Sea Worm ;  Grass Worm ;  Blood Worm ;  Dragon Fang ;  Wurm Head ;  Red Drake Eye ;  Ruby Scales ;  Ashbreather's Ring ;  Ashbreather's Earring ;  Ashbreather's Amulet ;  Hillcrester's Pick ;  Flesh Worm ;  Defective Burner ;  Ruptured Flask ;  Shattered Vial ;  Crushed Funnel ;  Steam Worm ;  Hyacinth ;  Rules of the Forge ;  Brightflower ;  Plague Worm ;  Forgemasters Badge ;  Fractured Crucible ; Mangled Tongs ;  Cracked Mystical Mirror ;  Rune-etched Lavastone ;  Tablet of Scales ;  Charasis City Sigil ;  Karnor City Sigil ;  Shriveled Sokokar Wing ;  Festering Drolvarg Claw ;  Ancient Dust Spider ;  Ancient Stone Mite ;  Ancient Cloth Weevil ;  Mistletoe ;  Ancient Dreadwasp ;  Vial of Black Poison ;  Ra`Tuk Screambringer's Jaw ;  Noc Fleshfeasters Tail ;  Scaled Stonegazer Saddle ;  Emperor Ganak Familiar 

New Quests: Scalebreaker ;  Expanding Frontiers ;  Fell Foilage (Raid) ;  Conqueror of The Overthere ;  Conqueror of The Skyfire Mountains ;  End of Empire (Raid) ;  Hunter of The Skyfire Mountains ;  Novice Hunter of The Ring of Scale ;  Hunter of The Howling Stones ;  Hunter of Sathir's Tomb ;  Hunter of Gorowyn ; Hunter of Veeshan's Peak ;  The Plains of Kunark ;  The Ruins of Kunark ;  The Over Under ;  Headhunter (The Overthere) ;  Botanical Bounty (The Overthere) ;  Soilsuppers (The Overthere) ;  Decorated Driftwood (The Overthere) ;  Fire In the Sky ;  Bloodstones (The Skyfire Mountains) ;  Scouting Accessories (The Skyfire Mountains) ;  Ritual Runes (The Skyfire Mountains) ;  Cryptic Excavation ;  Tribal Currency (The Howling Stones) ;  Imperial Heritage (The Howling Stones) ;  Slaves of the Empire (The Howling Stones) ;  Echoes of the Dead (The Howling Stones) ;  Treasure Hunting ;  Ancient Insects (Sathir's Tomb) ;  Sebilisian Medallions (Sathir's Tomb) ;  Crypt Dust (Sathir's Tomb) ;  Tomb Tokens (Sathir's Tomb) ;  Gorowynning ;  Krellnakor Badges (Gorowyn) ;  Arcron Artifacts (Gorowyn) ;  Wulthan Ceremonies (Gorowyn) ;  Fereth Authority (Gorowyn) ;  Taking a Peak ;  Dragonkin Scales (Veeshan's Peak) ;  Fractured Findings (Veeshan's Peak) ;  Rocks and or Boulders (Veeshan's Peak) ;  Dragonhunter's Folly (Veeshan's Peak) ;  Skyfire Trophies (The Skyfire Mountains) ;  Ring of Scale Master Scavenger ;  Adept Hunter of the Ring of Scale ;  Veteran Hunter of The Ring of Scale ;  Scaled Key 

Updated Quests: Elddar Corruption #1: Investigating the Elddar ;  Raid Task: The Corruption of Ro ;  The Orcish Loggers ;  Elddar Corruption #2: Questioning the Priest ;  Elddar Corruption #3: Key to Corruption ;  How the Mighty Have Fallen ;  Where has Sister Donna Gone ;  Exploring the Guild Hall ;  End of Empire (Group) 

Bestiary Updates: a terror carver ;  a baleful spirit ;  High Praetor Yerlin [Quest] ;  Vizra, magia mortis fortitio [Raid and Mission] ;  Hortulanus Cryolex [Mission and Raids] ;  a sarnak prisoner ;  The Gatekeeper ;  a rabid reveler ;  Chirurgeon Hemofax ;  Skrizix ;  Mawmun ;  a scree-borne magmite ;  Shardstubble ;  Dragoflux;  a supercharged tyro ;  Rirwech the Fink ;  a feverish marauder ;  an Arcron researcher ;  Ritualist Bomoda ;  Old Raspy ;  Overlord Klerkon ;  Gnaw ;  Hissilith, the Brittlebones ;  The Magmalisk ;  High Arcron Zeklor ;  Head Boiler Akett ;  Artikla, Fereth Despot ;  Overlord Tevik ;  Overlord Teralov ;  Rekatok One-Eye ; Wulthan High Inquisitor Kraz ;  Elkikatar ;  Deka the Reaper ;  The Arisen Admiral Tylix ;  Vermistipus ;  The Arisen Dragoon T`Vex ;  The Arisen Dragoon T`Vem ;  The Great Sentinel ;  Embalming Goo ;  Nureya Arisen ;  Shandral Arisen ;  General V`Deers, the Arisen ;  Tormented Adalora ;  The Underlord ;  Arisen Gloriant Kra`du ;  Xalgoz the Arisen ;  a Kar`zok grave robber ;  a Kar`zok infiltrator ;  Ancient Apparition ;  Arcron Thaumaturge Osellik ;  a sarnak deserter ;  Radiant Overseer Triluan ;  Elder Ekron ;  Kluzen the Protector ;  Milyex Vioren ;  Ellarr Stormcloud ;  Travenro the Skygazer ;  Magma Basilisk ;  Qunard Ashenclaw ;  Blood-Thirsty Racnar ;  Elder Azeron ;  Arisen Fenistra ;  Flamescale Overlord Takarious ;  Ash Guardian Tolemak ;  Arisen Mentor Sishallan ;  Fereth Captain Ordran ;  Wulthan Elder Priest Ovun 

New Zones: Skyfire Mountains [RoS]: End of Empire (Raid) ;  The Overthere: Fell Foilage (Raid) 

Zone Updates: Skyfire Mountains [RoS]: End of Empire (Group) ;  Skyfire Mountains [RoS]: End of Empire (Raid) ;  The Overthere: Fell Foilage (Raid)


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