EQ Update #303

Site Updates

In this update, all rank 1 RoS scroll/tomes/songs were tagged RoS. Also all type 3 augs have been added thanks to Rswiders. I added them to their vendors in OT ( Justyl, Grifand, Trapat ) and gave them an expansion tag as well. Items on the raid and group merchants in the OT bank were added along with the new currencies added to the site.

A few more RoS quests and NPC's were updated as well.

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New Items: Irae Faycite Shard: Repudiate the Undead ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Merciful Remedy ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Vigilant Strike ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Merciful Elixir ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Sanction ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Merciful Light ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Sermon of Sanction ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Chromaburst ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Furial Renewal ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Word of Greater Restoration ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Ward of Assurance ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Repudiate the Unnatural ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Plunging Hail ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Heliacal Eruption ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Curavida ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Frostreave Chill ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Horde of Polybiads ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Survival of the Auspicious ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Winter's Wildblaze Frostbite ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Sunflame ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Summer Sunflame ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Adrenaline Barrage ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Lunasalve ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Chill of the Wildtender ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Nature's Blistering Wrath ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Cyclonic Roar ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Magmalisk's Burning Call ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Hoshkar's Chant of Disease ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Ekron's Chant of Frost ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Chorus of Xigam ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Nexona's Chant of Poison ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Travenro's Insult ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Jembel's Lively Crescendo ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Qunard's Chant of Flame ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Nexona's Spear of Venom ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Hoshkar's Malady ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Rirwech's Affliction ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Prehistoric Intervention ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Eyrzekla's Mending ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Ri`zyr's Rain of Venom ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Jinx ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Ice Shards ; Irae Faycite Shard: Nectar of Suffering ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Cloud of Renewal ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Reckless Rejuvenation ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Scorpikis Blood ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Eyrzekla's Recourse ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Erogo's Curse ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Hiatus ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Armor of Tenacious Runes ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Slander ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Dragonstrike Blades ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Burning Shout ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Warrior's Bastion ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Merciful Touch ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Remembrance ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Refute for Honor ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Crush of the Timorous Deep ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Censure ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Merciful Light ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Burst of Morninglight ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Merciful Cleansing ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Expiation ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Crush of E'Ci ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Force of the Timorous Deep ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Brilliant Exoneration ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Merciful Healing ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Wellspring ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Bonecrawler Swarm ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Enraging Wheel Kicks ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Frigid Wind ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Skyfire Ash ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Desperate Dewcloud ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Summer's Tempest Burn ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Heartcleave ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Bond of Xalgoz ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Xalgoz's Bite ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Blood of Drakus ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Refute for Power ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Putrefying Darkness ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Plague of Hemofax ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Wounding Blade ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Spear of Tylix ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Duplicitous Blight ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Dire Testimony ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Touch of T`Vem ; Irae Faycite Shard: Hateful Bargain ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Tiger's Poise ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Hoshkar's Fang ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Reject Death ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Nine Breaths ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Rapid Reflexes ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Lie in Wait ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Ragged Edge Discipline ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Blinding Brilliance ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Skorpikis Blade Strike ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Slice ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Aculeus Discipline ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Salve of Artikla ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Polybiad Blood ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Storm of Claws ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Deltro's Mending ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Elkikatar's Endemic ;  Salus Faycite Shard: Virzak's Melioration ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Mawmun's Bite ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Mawmun's Bite ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Frozen Toxin ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Frostbite Lance ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Frostbite Roar ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Growl of the Sabretooth ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Mangle ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Ekron's Chill ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Beramos' Maelstrom ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Proactive Retaliation ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Tendon Rupture ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Sucker Punch ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Mangling Axe Throw ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Temple Slam ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Mangling Volley ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Torrid Frenzy ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Vicious Cycle ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Axe of Rekatok ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Consume Essence ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Mourgis' Decay ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Grip of Kraz ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Inevitable End ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Effluvium ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Pyre of the Fereth ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Bomoda's Pallid Haze ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Pyre of the Shadewarden ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Gnawing Darkness ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Ignite Memories ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Polybiad Venom ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Burning Shadow ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Refute for Blood ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Burn Bones ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Cascading Deathshield ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Cytotoxic Wounds ; Irae Faycite Shard: Lure of Travenro ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Tears of Dragoflux ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Cortexfreeze ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Frostbite Pillar ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Flashfrost ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Lightning Tempest ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Chaos Burn;  Irae Faycite Shard: Icefloe Cascade ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Ethereal Skyfire ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Claw of Travenro ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Pure Wildflash Azia ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Thricewoven Capacity ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Cloudburst Thunderbolt ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Bolt of Skyfire ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Beam of Molten Rhyolite ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Volley of Many ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Shock of Arcronite Steel ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Blistering Sands ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Chaotic Inferno ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Reckless Servant ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Spear of Molten Arcronite ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Rain of Knives ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Delude ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Deluding Flash ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Mollified Mind ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Chromareave ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Strangulate ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Polyfluorescent Assault ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Perplexing Wave ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Mind Tempest ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Mindslash ;  Tempus Faycite Shard: Transfixing Stare ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Tears of Skrizix ;  Irae Faycite Shard: Chromatic Flicker ;  Durus Faycite Shard: Tenebrous Auspice ;  Combine Empire Locker 

Updated Items: Irae Faycite Shard: Cloudburst Thunderbolt ;  Tome: Enraging Wheel Kicks ;  Tome: Wildstalker's Discipline ;  Tome: Jolting Wheel Kicks ;  Tome: Gale of Blades ;  Scroll: Protection of the Woodlands ;  Scroll: Roaring Blades ;  Scroll: Shout of the Wildstalker ;  Scroll: Summer's Tempest ;  Scroll: Blackscale ;  Scroll: Shared Cloak of Needlebarbs ;  Scroll: Skyfire Boon ;  Scroll: Needlebarb Coat ;  Scroll: Skyfire Ash ;  Scroll: Swarm of Polybiads ;  Scroll: Strength of the Wildstalker ;  Scroll: Lavastorm Cloak ;  Scroll: Shield of Needlebarbs ;  Scroll: Vaporous Veil ;  Scroll: Wildstalker's Unity ;  Scroll: Focused Arrowgale ;  Scroll: Spurred by the Hunt ;  Scroll: Heartcleave ;  Scroll: Gale of Arrows ;  Scroll: Eyes of the Sabertooth ;  Scroll: Devastating Steel ;  Scroll: Desperate Dewcloud ;  Scroll: Wildstalker's Vigor ;  Scroll: Fereth Balm ;  Scroll: Lingering Smoke ;  Scroll: Wail of the Predator ;  Scroll: Frigid Wind ;  Scroll: Jolting Steel ;  Scroll: Cloak of Needlebarbs ;  Scroll: Bonecrawler Swarm;  Scroll: Wellspring ;  Scroll: Drifting Smoke ;  Scroll: Arrowgale ;  Scroll: Foreseen Shots ;  Scroll: Duplicitous Blight ;  Scroll: Bond of Xalgoz ;  Scroll: Zephyr: Skyfire ;  Scroll: Ring of Skyfire ;  Scroll: Revitalization ;  Scroll: Arcronite Blessing ;  Scroll: Summer Sunflame ;  Scroll: Sunflame ;  Scroll: Sunflash Blessing ;  Scroll: Remote Moonflash ;  Scroll: Survival of the Auspicious ;  Scroll: Remote Sunblaze ;  Scroll: Skin to Sumac ;  Scroll: Promised Rebirth ;  Scroll: Frostreave Chill ;  Scroll: Arcronite Skin ;  Scroll: Thunderbolt of the Stormborn ;  Scroll: Thornspike Rush ;  Scroll: Nature's Blistering Wrath ;  Scroll: Lunasalve ;  Scroll: Mask of the Wildtender ;  Scroll: Frostreave Crystals ;  Scroll: Legacy of Daggerspikes ;  Scroll: Glistening Frost ;  Scroll: Frostreave Aura;  Scroll: Daggerspike Coat ;  Scroll: Horde of Polybiads ;  Scroll: Curavida ;  Scroll: Thornspike ;  Scroll: Nature's Quiescense ;  Scroll: Heliacal Eruption ;  Scroll: Plunging Hail ;  Scroll: Nourishing Growth ;  Scroll: Wildtender's Unity ;  Scroll: Chill of the Wildtender ;  Scroll: Adrenaline Barrage ;  Scroll: Pearlescent Thornmaw ;  Scroll: Pearlescent Moonbeam ;  Scroll: Cyclonic Roar ;  Scroll: Gaze of Ro ;  Scroll: Daggerspike Bulwark ;  Scroll: Frostreave Breath ;  Scroll: Cowl of Ro ;  Scroll: Overwhelming Sunray ;  Scroll: Wildtender's Breeze ;  Scroll: Beast's Beseeching ;  Scroll: Circle of Skyfire ;  Scroll: Ward of the Transfixer ;  Scroll: Voice of Perspicacity ;  Scroll: Polyfluorescent Rune ;  Scroll: Perplexing Glance ;  Scroll: Perspicacity ;  Scroll: Constraining Helix ;  Scroll: Remote Color Congruence ;  Scroll: Runic Cascade Aura ;  Scroll: Tears of Skrizix ;  Scroll: Speed of Milyex ;  Scroll: Rune of Skrizix ;  Scroll: Transfixer's Unity ;  Scroll: Perilous Perplexing ;  Scroll: Mindslash ;  Scroll: Mind Tempest ;  Scroll: Issuance of Mana Repetition ;  Scroll: Mana Repetition Aura ;  Scroll: Hastening of Milyex ;  Scroll: Legion of Skrizix ;  Scroll: Dreadful Rune ;  Scroll: Polyfluorescent Assault ;  Scroll: Mana Repetition ;  Scroll: Mollifying Issuance ;  Scroll: Legion of Milyex ; Scroll: Mollified Mind ;  Scroll: Transfixer's Echo ;  Scroll: Psychic Appropriation ;  Scroll: Transfixer's Rune ;  Scroll: Nureya's Animation ;  Scroll: Transfixer's Command ;  Scroll: Echo of Mollification ;  Scroll: Dizzying Wheel ;  Scroll: Strangulate ;  Scroll: Order of Tashan ;  Scroll: Transfixer's Aura ;  Scroll: Infused Minion ;  Scroll: Transfixing Stare ;  Scroll: Tenebrous Auspice ;  Scroll: Tenebrous Rune ;  Scroll: Perplexing Wave ;  Scroll: Color Congruence ;  Scroll: Brimstone Durability ;  Scroll: Deluding Constriction ;  Scroll: Perplex ;  Scroll: Chaotic Delusion ;  Scroll: Bolstering Aura ;  Scroll: Spellbinding ;  Scroll: Chromareave ;  Scroll: Deluding Flash ;  Scroll: Aegis of Milyex ;  Scroll: Chromatic Flicker ;  Scroll: Delude ;  Scroll: Aegis of Nureya ;  Scroll: Summon Insurgent Minion ;  Scroll: Summon Insurgent Servant ;  Scroll: Wand of Burning Modulation ;  Scroll: Rhyolitic Bodyguard ;  Scroll: Spear of Molten Arcronite ;  Scroll: Remote Reckless Servant ;  Scroll: Reckless Servant ;  Scroll: Burning Blast ; Scroll: Rain of Knives ;  Scroll: Rhyolite Stance ;  Scroll: Renewal of Ioulin ;  Scroll: Blistering Sands ;  Scroll: Shock of Arcronite Steel ;  Scroll: Burning Guardian ;  Scroll: Volley of Many ;  Scroll: Gather Capability ;  Scroll: Burning Symbiosis ;  Scroll: Arcronite Malosinata ;  Scroll: Iceflame Keep ;  Scroll: Skyfire Veil ;  Scroll: Embodiment of Earth ;  Scroll: Grant Wirn's Armaments ;  Scroll: Embodiment of Fire ;  Scroll: Blistering Skin ;  Scroll: Rain of Molten Rhyolite ;  Scroll: Embodiment of Water ;  Scroll: Grant Ioulin's Heirlooms ;  Scroll: Grant Wirn's Plate ;  Scroll: Inferno Coat ;  Scroll: Embodiment of Air ;  Scroll: Repudiate the Unnatural ;  Amorphous Velazul's Wristguard ;  Amorphous Velazul's Sleeves ;  Amorphous Velazul's Leggings ;  Amorphous Velazul's Helm ;  Amorphous Velazul's Gauntlets ;  Amorphous Velazul's Breastplate ;  Amorphous Velazul's Boots ;  Scale Touched Savviness ;  Scale Touched Resilience ;  Scale Touched Proficiency ;  Scale Touched Intensity ;  Scale Touched Ingenuity ; Scale Touched Harmony ;  Scale Touched Celerity ;  Amorphous Selrach's Wristguard ;  Amorphous Selrach's Sleeves ;  Amorphous Selrach's Leggings ;  Amorphous Selrach's Helm ;  Amorphous Selrach's Gauntlets ;  Amorphous Selrach's Breastplate ; Amorphous Selrach's Boots ;  Scroll: Chaotic Inferno ;  Scroll: Chaotic Munificence ;  Scroll: Circle of the Inferno ;  Scroll: Beam of Knives ;  Scroll: Beam of Molten Rhyolite ;  Scroll: Burnout XIII ;  Scroll: Bolt of Skyfire ;  Scroll: Translocate: Skyfire ;  Scroll: Skyfire Portal ;  Scroll: Skyfire Gate 

Updated Quests: Dark Reign Tier 1b: Have Note Will Travel ;  Blacksail #4: Sharpeye's Folly: A Spy Among Them ;  The Dragons' Graveyard ;  Enemy Clearance ;  For My Information ;  End of Empire ;  Chop Chokidai ;  Lay the Trap ;  Chokidai Unbound ; Tooth and Fist 

Bestiary Updates: a chokidai ;  a chokidai wardog ;  a mysterious sarnak ;  a chokidai watchdog ;  a chokidai stalker ;  a guardian chokidai ;  a chokidai elder ;  a chokidai whelp ;  a sickly chokidai ;  a merchant [Raid Merchant] ;  a sarnak deserter ;  Kris Tawalalin [Wizard and Magician Spells] ;  Justyl Makalroi [Augmentations] ;  a merchant [Group and Parcel Merchant] ;  Fletching Table 

New Zones: Gorowyn: Balance of Power ;  Skyfire Mountains [RoS]: End of Empire 

Zone Updates: Gorowyn: Balance of Power ;  Skyfire Mountains [RoS]: End of Empire


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