EQ Update #300

Site Updates

In this update, more work was done on Ring of Scale. More augments were added to the augment wiki page. The RoS raid progression wiki page was updated as well.

Drewinette added a bunch of new RoS jewelcrafting recipes as well.

I also took screenshots of all the Ring of Scale weapons and shields. We'll most likely be missing item entries for a majority of these until after the expansion launches until people run these items through the item collector. I'll be working on adding these screenshots to the Ornaments, Weapons and Shields wiki page coming up soon.

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New Items: Perpetual Mana Battery  ; Duo Conflagrant Ring ;  Duo Conflagrant Necklace ;  Duo Conflagrant Earring 

Updated Items: Amorphous Selrach's Wristguard ;  Breeder Robe ;  Tall Forestial Pine ;  Stout Forestial Pine ;  Simple Stone Brazier ;  Simple Padded Sack ;  Simple Decorative Candle ;  Scuffed Stone Campfire ;  Rusted Pot ;  Rusted Frying Pan ;  Pillar of Katta Castrum ;  Ornate Stone Candleabra ;  Ornate Square Pedestal of Katta Castrum ;  Ornate Serving Plate ;  Ornate Platter ;  Ornate Pedestal of Katta Castrum ;  Decorative Clockwork Lilies ;  Decorative Beer Glass ;  Decaying Spire of Katta Castrum ;  Crude Grellethian Decoration ;  Vital Phlogiston Ring ;  Vital Phlogiston Earring ;  Vital Phlogiston Belt ;  Summoner's Phlogiston Earring ;  Savvy Phlogiston Ring ;  Savvy Phlogiston Earring ;  Savvy Phlogiston Belt ;  Quick Phlogiston Ring ;  Quick Phlogiston Earring ;  Quick Phlogiston Belt ;  Phlogiston Necklace of Vigor ;  Phlogiston Necklace of Security ;  Phlogiston Necklace of Adroitness ;  Ingenious Phlogiston Ring ;  Ingenious Phlogiston Earring ;  Ingenious Phlogiston Belt ;  Fleet Phlogiston Ring ;  Fleet Phlogiston Earring ;  Fleet Phlogiston Belt ;  Athletic Phlogiston Ring ;  Athletic Phlogiston Earring ;  Athletic Phlogiston Belt ; Secure Conflagrant Ring ;  Savvy Conflagrant Ring ;  Ingenious Conflagrant Ring ;  Quick Conflagrant Ring ;  Fleet Conflagrant Ring ;  Vital Conflagrant Ring ;  Athletic Conflagrant Ring ;  Conflagrant Necklace of Vigor ;  Conflagrant Necklace of Adroitness ;  Conflagrant Necklace of Security ; Summoner's Conflagrant Earring ;  Savvy Conflagrant Earring ;  Ingenious Conflagrant Earring ;  Quick Conflagrant Earring ;  Fleet Conflagrant Earring ;  Vital Conflagrant Earring ;  Athletic Conflagrant Earring ;  Dark Black Gem ;  Frigid Energy Shard ;  Contract of the Skorpikis ;  Shrieking Substance ;  Dull Dark Reflection Stiletto ;  Giant Rat Pelt 

Updated Quests: Plague Rust Next Task ;  Hatching a Plan ;  Legendary Mercenary Contracts ;  Achievement: The Deep Darkened Sea ;  Bones to Dust ;  End of Empire ;  Bipedal Dragons 

New Recipes: Duo Conflagrant Earring ;  Duo Conflagrant Necklace ;  Duo Conflagrant Ring ;  Athletic Conflagrant Earring ;  Vital Conflagrant Earring ;  Fleet Conflagrant Earring ;  Quick Conflagrant Earring ;  Ingenious Conflagrant Earring ;  Savvy Conflagrant Earring ;  Summoner's Conflagrant Earring ;  Conflagrant Necklace of Security ;  Conflagrant Necklace of Adroitness ;  Conflagrant Necklace of Vigor ;  Athletic Conflagrant Ring ;  Vital Conflagrant Ring ;  Fleet Conflagrant Ring ;  Quick Conflagrant Ring ;  Ingenious Conflagrant Ring ;  Savvy Conflagrant Ring ; Secure Conflagrant Ring ;  Athletic Phlogiston Belt ;  Athletic Phlogiston Earring ;  Athletic Phlogiston Ring ;  Fleet Phlogiston Belt ;  Fleet Phlogiston Earring ;  Fleet Phlogiston Ring ;  Ingenious Phlogiston Belt ;  Ingenious Phlogiston Earring ;  Ingenious Phlogiston Ring ;  Phlogiston Necklace of Adroitness ;  Phlogiston Necklace of Security ;  Phlogiston Necklace of Vigor ;  Quick Phlogiston Belt ;  Quick Phlogiston Earring ;  Quick Phlogiston Ring ;  Savvy Phlogiston Belt ;  Savvy Phlogiston Earring ;  Savvy Phlogiston Ring ;  Summoner's Phlogiston Earring ;  Vital Phlogiston Belt ;  Vital Phlogiston Earring ;  Vital Phlogiston Ring 

Updated Recipes: Medium Metal Container ;  Pie Tin 

Bestiary Updates: Trainer Daxgrr ;  A Huge Kobold ;  A Frothing Kobold ;  An Elite Kobold ;  a greater shaman ;  Huntmaster Furgrl ;  a kobold sentinel ;  A Pack Leader ;  A Kobold Fisherman ;  a kobold scout ;  a kobold watcher ;  Gulvak ;  Halius Goldenthorn [Excavator] ;  a filthy rat ;  Spirit Master Wigaue ;  a kobold brawler ; Kaxon Frennor ;  Grazik Plaguebringer [Shaman Spells] ;  Vessel Spirit Companion [Shaman Spells] ;  Sarth Scarscale ;  Sirtha Scarscale ;  a sonic wolfling ;  Clockwork SmithXIII [Smithing Supplies] ;  Jibble Blexnik ;  a sonic hunter ;  a patrolling sonic wolf ;  a steamwork striker ;  Gulvak ;  Halius Goldenthorn [Excavator] ;  Spirit Master Wigaue


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