EQ Update #299

Site Updates

In this update, more Ring of Scale items were added for spells. Also all Ring of Scale quests have been added, we still need to fill in the information on them though. Also all the partisan and mercenary achievements have been added for Ring of Scale. You can check out the wiki page on Ring of Scale progression here.

Also Drewinette did various updates to some East Cabilis NPC's and other areas as well.

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New Items: Lesser Runes of SKU25T3 ;  Glowing Runes of SKU25T3 ;  Median Runes of SKU25T3 ;  Greater Runes of SKU25T3 ;  Minor Runes of SKU25T3 ;  Greater Writ of the SKU25T2 ;  Lesser Writ of the SKU25T2 ;  Glowing Writ of the SKU25T2 ;  Median Writ of the SKU25T2 ;  Minor Writ of the SKU25T2 

Updated Items: Dark Black Gem ;  Frigid Energy Shard ;  Contract of the Skorpikis ;  Shrieking Substance ;  Dull Dark Reflection Stiletto ;  Giant Rat Pelt 

New Quests: The Arisen ;  Talendor ;  Trial of Discovery ;  Lay the Trap ;  Bipedal Dragons ;  Chokidai Unbound ;  Tooth and Fist ;  Stomp the Defenders ;  Who is Buried in Sathir's Tomb? ;  Mercenary of The Overthere ;  Partisan of The Overthere ;  Crestra's Earring ;  Mercenary of The Skyfire Mountains ;  Partisan of The Skyfire Mountains ;  Mercenary of The Howling Stones ;  Partisan of The Howling Stones ;  Mercenary of Sathir's Tomb ;  Partisan of Sathir's Tomb ;  Mercenary of Gorowyn ;  Partisan of Gorowyn ;  Mercenary of Veeshan's Peak ;  Partisan of Veeshan's Peak 

Updated Quests: Plague Rust Next Task ;  Legendary Mercenary Contracts ; Plane of Sky Keys ;  Dangerous Fauna ;  Bones to Dust ;  Buckets of Bile ;  All to Scale ;  Black Scale Bounty ;  Ancient Prey ;  Clearing the Way ;  Stomp the Invaders ;  Kill Krellnakor ;  The Orb of Fire ;  Balance of Power ;  Bane Bound ;  Singing Stone ;  Songs of Old ; State of the Sarnak ;  The Fereth 

Updated Recipes: Medium Metal Container ;  Pie Tin

Bestiary Updates: Kaxon Frennor ;  Grazik Plaguebringer [Shaman Spells] ;  Vessel Spirit Companion [Shaman Spells] ;  Sarth Scarscale ;  Sirtha Scarscale ;  a sonic wolfling ;  Clockwork SmithXIII [Smithing Supplies] ;  Jibble Blexnik ;  a sonic hunter ;  a patrolling sonic wolf ;  a steamwork striker ;  a wild rhino ;  a stoneleer cockatrice ;  a rummaging rhino ;  a sabertooth tiger ;  a stonegazer cockatrice ;  a needle-covered succulent ;  a sabertooth cat ;  a prickly succulent ;  a thorny succulent ;  a stonepeep cockatrice ;  a majestic cockatrice ;  a grotesque succulent ; Praetor Noctis Trayer [Quests] ;  a mutant succulent ;  a strange succulent ;  a skyash drake ;  a skyfall drake ;  a wurm ;  Praetor Jerok ;  Captain Sedilious [Quests] ;  Gelidalin Stormsinger [Quests] ;  Praetor Brimshaw [Quests] ;  Praetor Maestra [Quests] ;  Praetor Magnus Auluxus [Raid and Mission] ;  a raging rhino ;  a sickly chokidai ;  Praetor Noctis Torg [Quests] ;  a sickly succulent ;  a stoneglint cockatrice ;  a succulent sentinel ;  a Krellnakor spearmaster 

New Zones: Skyfire Mountains [RoS]:Talendor 

Zone Updates: Skyfire Mountains [RoS]:Talendor


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