EQ Update #296

Site Updates

In this update, Ring of Scale's Veeshan Peak was updated with NPC's along with their screenshots and map locations of some named.

We're working on the item collector and hopefully should have that up and running soon.

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New Recipes: Bazu Seal ;  Discordant Seal ;  Discordant Seal 

Bestiary Updates: a grim prospector ;  an ashen aggregator ;  a magma basilisk ;  a lava basilisk ;  a cinder skywing ;  an onyx skywing ;  a mature frost protector ;  an emerald skywing ;  a chromatic skywing ;  a mature flame protector ;  an azure skywing ;  a frenzied racnar ;  a frenetic racnar ;  an elder wyvern guardian ;  an enraged racnar ;  an elder frost protector ;  Elder Ekron ;  a primeval azure skywing ;  a primeval emerald skywing ;  a primeval cinder skywing ;  an elder flame protector ;  a primeval onyx skywing ;  a primeval chromatic skywing ;  a guardian of Hoshkar ;  Kluzen the Protector ;  Milyex Vioren ;  Ellarr Stormcloud ;  Travenro the Skygazer ;  an ancient flame protector ;  Bonebound Dragon


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