EQ Update #295

Site Updates

In this update, a few RoS NPC's were updated with information. Also tradeskill containers were added to The Overthere with map locations. RoS Fell Foilage group quest was added.

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Updated Items: Spell: Rain of Daggers Rk. II 

Updated Quests: For the Sake of the Forsaken ;  Fell Foilage (Group) 

New Recipes: Spell: Rain of Daggers Rk. II 

Updated Recipes: Scroll: Rain of Razors Rk. II 

Bestiary Updates: a tavern barmaid ;  a rocky cliff golem ;  a sarnak trap ;  Bloodstalker ;  Banshee ;  Fang ;  a bluff golem ;  Saber ;  Observer Eyrzekla ;  Myrmidon Tundak ;  a grotesque succulent ;  Needle ;  an Arcron holocaust ;  an Arcron dread magus ;  Mawmun ;  a supercharged tyro ; a Krellnakor slayer ;  a trainer ;  a Fereth lord ;  Gnaw ;  Overlord Tevik ;  a sepulcher skeleton ;  a sepulcher spectre ;  a spectre of the Arisen ;  an Arisen mentor ;  an iron sentinel of the Arisen ;  an Arisen ghost ;  a Wulthan excursionist ;  an Arcron delver ;  a Krellnakor scavenger ;  an Arisen apparition ;  a monstrous succulent ;  Catiikii ;  a burgeoning succulent ;  Brewing Barrel (The Overthere) ;  Mixing Bowl ;  Spell Research Table ;  Pottery Wheel ;  Kiln ;  Forge ;  Jewelry Making Table ;  Loom ;  Ancient Apparition 

New Zones: The Overthere: Fell Foilage (Group) 

Zone Updates: The Overthere: Fell Foilage (Group)


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