EQ Update #287

Site Updates

In this update, more RoS tradeskill items were added and tagged. Also some new RoS alchemy recipes were added. A few more RoS NPC's were updated with screenshots and some unseen NPC's were added.

Two new NPC's are located in the Ring of Scale The Overthere bank that allow you to purchase Velazul's and Selrach's armor for new raid and group currency.

Bards to Magicians levels 105 through 110 had their spells tagged with an expansion. We'll get the rest of the classes tagged soon and the scrolls/tomes/songs tagged as well.

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New Items: Xygoz's Tonic ;  Lacertilia Toxin ;  Draconic Mana Mixture ;  Gorowyn Fortified Drink ;  Seaport Cure-All ;  Lifesoothing Potion ;  Elixir of Soothing Sands ;  Crestra's Elaborate Earring 

Updated Items: Purified Mana Tonic ;  Dragonmagic Focus ;  Empty Muck Vial ;  Summoned: Exigent Minion XXI ;  Scroll: Illusion: Glare Lord 

Updated Quests: Testing the Waters 

New Recipes: Elixir of Soothing Sands ;  Lifesoothing Potion ;  Seaport Cure-All ;  Dragonmagic Focus ;  Purified Mana Tonic ;  Gorowyn Fortified Drink ;  Draconic Mana Mixture ;  Lacertilia Toxin ;  Xygoz's Tonic 

Bestiary Updates: sebilite guardian ;  Brogg ;  Froglok Bok Mystic ;  elementalbone skeleton ;  an Arcron warwizard ;  a praetor ledalus ;  a praetor ledalus salus ;  a praetor noctis ;  an indagator materia salus ;  Rirwech the Fink ;  a Kar`Zok soldier ;  Elkikatar ;  a merchant [Raid Merchant] ;  a merchant [Group and Parcel Merchant] ;  a Wulthan coadjutor ;  a Krellnakor hunter ;  Radiant Overseer Triluan


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