EQ Update #286

Site Updates

In this update, more RoS tradeskill items were tagged. More RoS recipes and their quests were created thanks to Drewinette. More RoS spell scrolls are tagged thanks to Barudin314. I also added all the spell vendors in The Overthere last night and added all the spells/tomes they sell. More RoS NPC's were updated with screenshots and information about them such as location and if they see invis.

Also some spells were added to some of the NPC's since we have beta spells in our spell database now. Which means you can now search your class for spells 106+. Keep in mind that all spells are going to show up in that search including subspells of buffs that cast multiple spells. We'll get those exlcuded at some point. Also we don't have those spells tagged for RoS yet so you won't be able to search by expansion for them, just set the level to 105 and up and you'll be able to see all the new spells.

You can now set your level to 110 on lucy when viewing an item with stats to change how the stats look with a level change, the default is still set to 105. I'll bump that default up to 110 later on when people have leveled up after RoS releases. You can view the allakhazam item link for the full stats if you don't feel like typing in 110 everytime.

Speaking of lucy, when looking at raw spell data all but 2 of the columns should all be named now.

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New Items: Unfired Conflagrant Mask of Vigor ;  Unfired Conflagrant Mask of Brilliance ;  Unfired Conflagrant Charm of Brilliance ;  Unfired Guardian's Conflagrant Mask ;  Unfired Conflagrant Idol of Adroitness ;  Unfired Conflagrant Charm of Security ;  Unfired Conflagrant Charm of Vigor ;  Unfired Conflagrant Idol of Vigor ;  Unfired Conflagrant Idol of Brilliance ;  Crestra's Intricate Earring ;  Perfect Cut Conflagrant Diamond ;  Incomplete Crestra 's Earring ;  Scorching Golem Pebble Bead ;  Scorching Golem Clay ;  Crystalized Lava Wurm Bead ;  Drake Wing Scaled Polishing Cloth ;  Crestra's Empowered Elegant Earring ;  Crestra's Elegant Earring ;  Veeshan's Tears ;  Basilisk Petrification Stone Bead ;  Raptor Leather Polishing Cloth ;  Drake Wingbone Earring Reinforcement ;  Perpetural Fire ;  Potions of the Scale ;  Polished Sebilisian Marble Bead ;  Aged Sebilisian Marble Bead ;  Succulent Spine Earring Stem ;  Hardened Scorpikus Venom Bead ;  Golem Pebble Bead ;  Chokidai Scale Earring Mount ;  Aged Sebilisian Marble ;  Empty Muck Vial ;  Osbdosmn ;  Brewing Odds ;  Protection of Norrath's Fire ;  Greater Combine Runes Notebook ;  Combine Draconic Scale Subsumption ;  Fish Scales and Fire ;  Combine Draconic Scale Transmogrificant ;  Green Meat is Tasty ;  Weapon and Shields of Combination ;  Dragonmagic Focus ;  Purified Mana Tonic ;  Basilisk Petrification Stone ;  Scroll: New Blast of Sand 

Updated Items: Combine Glazing Kit ;  Conflagrant Charm of Security ;  Conflagrant Idol of Adroitness ;  Guardian's Conflagrant Mask ;  Conflagrant Charm of Brilliance ;  Conflagrant Charm of Vigor ;  Conflagrant Mask of Brilliance ;  Conflagrant Mask of Vigor ;  Conflagrant Idol of Vigor;  Conflagrant Idol of Brilliance ;  Scorching Golem Mud ;  Lava Wurm Bile ;  Ratman Fur ;  Drake Wing Scales ;  Tome: Temple Slam ;  Tome: New Zalikor's Fang ;  Tome: New Vicious Cyclone ;  Tome: New Warrior's Bulwark ;  Tome: New Wide-Eyed Mark ;  Tome: New Unflinching Attention ;  Tome: New Torrent of Fists ;  Tome: New Technique of the Crimson Fist ;  Tome: New Stout Defense ;  Tome: New Surprise Attack ;  Tome: New Stormwild Frenzy ;  Tome: New Tendon Tear ;  Tome: New Tempestuous Defense Discipline ;  Tome: New Tormenting Shout ; Tome: New Stormstrike Blades ;  Tome: New Refuse Death ;  Tome: New Smokeshade ;  Tome: New Shared Cruelty ;  Tome: New Reefcrawler Blade ;  Tome: New Sting of the Wasp ;  Tome: New Open Wound ;  Tome: New Prior Retaliation ;  Tome: New Nimble Reflexes ;  Tome: New Razor's Edge Discipline ;  Tome: New Pinpoint Deficiencies ;  Tome: New Jugular Hack ;  Tome: New Last Stand Discipline ;  Tome: New Indiscernible Discipline ;  Tome: New Insult ;  Tome: New Kick in the Shins ;  Tome: New Jarring Smite ;  Tome: New Exuberant Dagger-Throw ; Tome: New Fatal Aim Discipline ;  Tome: New Hack ;  Tome: New Hidden Blade ;  Tome: New Field Protector ;  Tome: New Echo of Deceit ;  Tome: New Doomwalker's Synergy ;  Tome: New Disorientation ;  Tome: New Dragon's Balance ;  Tome: New Eight Breaths ;  Tome: New Darkened Apparition ;  Tome: New Disconcerting Discipline ;  Tome: New Daggergash ;  Tome: New Cyclone Roar ;  Tome: New Contraforce Discipline ;  Tome: New Bubbling Rage ;  Tome: New Calculated Strike ;  Tome: New Axe of Numicia ;  Tome: New Barbed Tongue Discipline ; Tome: New Audacious Escape ;  Tome: New Barrage ;  Tome: New Blinding Burst ;  Tome: New Armor of Darkened Runes ;  Tome: New Arcwork Discipline ;  Tome: New Amplified Frenzy ;  Tome: Mangling Axe Throw ;  Tome: Mangling Frenzy ;  Tome: Mangling Volley ;  Tome: Axe of the Mangler ;  Tome: New Unholy Guardian Discipline ;  Tome: New Carmine Blade ;  Tome: New Doomscale Mantle ;  Tome: New Unflinching Acrimony ;  Tome: New Lacerating Blade ;  Tome: New Spite of Ronak ;  Scroll: New Zombie Skin ;  Tome: New Vizat's Carapace ;  Scroll: New Stormreaper's Proclamation ;  Scroll: New Torrent of Misery ;  Scroll: New Touch of Lutzen ;  Scroll: New Vizat's Skin ;  Scroll: New Vizat's Horror ;  Scroll: New Touch of Holmein ;  Scroll: New Terror of Narus ;  Scroll: New Sigil of the Doomscale ;  Scroll: New Spear of Vizat ;  Scroll: New Spreading Darkness ;  Scroll: New Smouldering Shadow ;  Scroll: New Soulrend ;  Scroll: New Shroud of the Doomscale ;  Scroll: New Plexipharia's Grasp ;  Scroll: New Revived Assassin ;  Scroll: New Pyre of Jorobb ;  Scroll: New Serisaria's Swift Venom ;  Scroll: New Pyre of the Lost ; Scroll: New Plexipharia's Pallid Haze ;  Scroll: New Scent of Dread ;  Scroll: New Plexipharia's Command ;  Scroll: New Mazub's Flashblaze ;  Scroll: New Mental Dread ;  Scroll: New Miktokla's Shade ;  Scroll: New Plague of Holmein ;  Scroll: New Minion of Vizat ;  Scroll: New Mind Extraction ;  Scroll: New Marmat's Swift Lifedraw ;  Scroll: New Mortiferous Wounds ;  Scroll: New Impose for Blood ;  Scroll: New Liquefaction ;  Scroll: New Ignite Synapses ;  Scroll: New Imbue Ally ;  Scroll: New Livio's Covenant ;  Scroll: New Livianus' Decay ;  Scroll: New Marmat's Swift Deconstruction ;  Scroll: New Ilsaria's Swift Sickness ;  Scroll: New Impose for Power ;  Scroll: New Liquefying Venin ;  Scroll: New Icy Mending ;  Scroll: New Grip of Jabaum ;  Scroll: New Grasping Darkness ;  Scroll: New Gift of Lutzen ;  Scroll: New Flesh to Poison ;  Scroll: New Hemorrhage Essence ;  Scroll: New Glistenwing Venom ;  Scroll: New Dreadful Shriek ;  Scroll: New Duplicitous Audacity ;  Scroll: New Forgottenside ;  Scroll: New Dire Strangulation ;  Scroll: New Distasteful Bargain ;  Scroll: New Deceitful Deflection ;  Scroll: New Drape of the Wrathforged ;  Scroll: New Disgust ;  Scroll: New Dire Declaration ;  Scroll: New Deadskin ;  Scroll: New Deceitful Blight ;  Scroll: New Crippling Incapacity ;  Scroll: New Dark Leech ;  Scroll: New Combust Bones ;  Scroll: New Darkwater Manacles ;  Scroll: New Chaotic Liquefaction ; Scroll: New Cascading Doomshield ;  Scroll: New Bonemaw's Bite ;  Scroll: New Call Skeleton Mob ;  Scroll: New Call of Gloomhaze ;  Scroll: New Binding of Itkari ;  Scroll: New Bond of Bonemaw ;  Scroll: New Blood of Bonemaw ;  Scroll: New Bestow Doom ;  Scroll: New Annihilation ; Song: New War March of Jocelyn ;  Song: New Slumber of Silisia ;  Song: New Wave of Torpor ;  Song: New Silisia's Lively Crescendo ;  Song: New Voice of Silisia ;  Song: New Tsaph's Insult ;  Song: New Pulse of Sionachie ;  Song: New Nilsara's Chant of Flame ;  Song: New Protan's Melodic Binding ;  Song: New Silence of Silisia ;  Song: New Serisaria's Chant of Poison ;  Song: New Psalm of the Forsaken ;  Song: New Rytan's Reckless Renewal ;  Song: New Lullaby of Silisia ;  Song: New Kirchen's Chant of Frost ;  Song: New Nilsara's Aria ;  Song: New Fjilnauk's Insult ;  Song: New Fjilnauk's Song of Suffering ;  Song: New Horthin's Psalm of Potency ;  Song: New Fatesong of Jocelyn ;  Song: New Fjilnauk's Spiteful Lyric ;  Song: New Horthin's Chant of Disease ;  Song: New Echo of Maetanrus ;  Song: New Echoing Barrier ;  Song: New Doben's Spry Sonata ;  Song: New Chorus of Sionachie ;  Song: New Corpseflower's Assonant Binding ;  Song: New Echo of Sionachie ;  Song: New Brusco's Burning Call ;  Song: New Aura of Sionachie ;  Song: New Aura of Maetanrus ;  Song: New Aria of Maetanrus ;  Song: New Arcane Melody ;  Scroll: New Tears of Visius ;  Scroll: New Voice of Precognition ;  Song: New Allaying Accelerando ;  Scroll: New Undermining Helix ;  Scroll: New Ward of the Enticer ;  Scroll: New Speed of Prokev ;  Scroll: New Remote Color Concourse ;  Scroll: New Slackening Glance ; Scroll: New Rune of Lucem ;  Scroll: New Runic Torrent Aura ;  Scroll: New Pacifying Issuance ;  Scroll: New Polyrefractive Assault ;  Scroll: New Mindsunder ;  Scroll: New Perilous Bafflement ;  Scroll: New Pacified Mind ;  Scroll: New Polyrefractive Rune ;  Scroll: New Mind Storm ; Scroll: New Precognition ;  Scroll: New Intellectual Appropriation ;  Scroll: New Legion of Lucem ;  Scroll: New Legion of the Indagator ;  Scroll: New Mana Reciprocation ;  Scroll: New Issuance of Mana Reciprocation ;  Scroll: New Frightening Rune ;  Scroll: New Gordianus' Animation ; Scroll: New Hastening of Prokev ;  Scroll: New Mana Reciprocation Aura ;  Scroll: New Enticer's Echo ;  Scroll: New Enticer's Rune ;  Scroll: New Empowered Minion ;  Scroll: New Enticer's Aura ;  Scroll: New Echo of Pacification ;  Scroll: New Enticer's Command ;  Scroll: New Enticer's Unity ;  Scroll: New Drown ;  Scroll: New Darkened Auspice ;  Scroll: New Dizzying Storm ;  Scroll: New Deadening Wave ;  Scroll: New Decree of Tashan ;  Scroll: New Darkened Rune ;  Scroll: New Chromarift ;  Scroll: New Chromatic Blink ;  Scroll: New Color Concourse ;  Scroll: New Brimstone Resolution ;  Scroll: New Chaotic Bewildering ;  Scroll: New Captivation ;  Scroll: New Bewilder ;  Scroll: New Bewildering Constriction ;  Scroll: New Bewildering Flash ;  Scroll: New Augmenting Aura ;  Scroll: New Anodyne Stare ;  Scroll: New Bafflement ;  Scroll: New Aegis of the Indagator ;  Scroll: New Aegis of Gordianus ;  Tome: New Maul ;  Tome: New Tempest of Claws ;  Tome: New Bestial Evulsing ;  Scroll: New Tirik's Melioration ;  Scroll: New Visoracius' Maelstrom ;  Scroll: New Warder's Unity ;  Scroll: New Tribal Pact ;  Scroll: New Withering Bite ; Scroll: New Ward of Regeneration ;  Scroll: New Unity of the Doomscale ;  Scroll: New Sraskus' Drowse ;  Scroll: New Sraskus' Curse ;  Scroll: New Stormblood's Unity ;  Scroll: New Talisman of the Doomscale ;  Scroll: New Talisman of the Leopard ;  Scroll: New Spiritual Vivification ; Scroll: New Spiritual Elaboration ;  Scroll: New Spirit of Visoracius ;  Scroll: New Spirespine's Pandemic ;  Scroll: New Spirit of Avalit ;  Scroll: New Spellbreaker's Palisade ;  Scroll: New Serisaria's Spear of Venom ;  Scroll: New Sekmoset's Aggression ;  Scroll: New Sabhattin's Mending ; Scroll: New Regenerating Counterbias ;  Scroll: New Shear of Renewal ;  Scroll: New Sephry's Malady ;  Scroll: New Sekmoset's Protection ;  Scroll: New Sluggishness ;  Scroll: New Serpentil's Venom ;  Scroll: New Salve of Clorith ;  Scroll: New Putrescent Decay ;  Scroll: New Reefmaw's Bite ;  Scroll: New Nectar of Woe ;  Scroll: New Natural Affiliation ;  Scroll: New Olesira's Faithful ;  Scroll: New Reckless Regeneration ;  Scroll: New Mending Warder ;  Scroll: New Pack of Olesira ;  Scroll: New Reef Crawler Blood ;  Scroll: New Livio's Malosenia ;  Scroll: New Kromtus Roar ;  Scroll: New Kromtus Lance ;  Scroll: New Livio's Affliction ;  Scroll: New Krenk's Feralgia ;  Scroll: New Kreig's Bite ;  Scroll: New Krasir's Mending ;  Scroll: New Krasir's Recourse ;  Scroll: New Kirchen's Chill ;  Scroll: New Glistenwing Blood ;  Scroll: New Glacial Gift ; Scroll: New Hemocoraxius' Endemic ;  Scroll: New Garugaru ;  Scroll: New Growl of the Leopard ;  Scroll: New Halcyon Bluster ;  Scroll: New Historian's Intervention ;  Scroll: New Ice Squall ;  Scroll: New Fatiguing Bite ;  Scroll: New Feralisenia ;  Scroll: New Extraordinary Velocity ; Scroll: New Focus of Okasi ;  Scroll: New Frozen Miasma ;  Scroll: New Flock's Breath ;  Scroll: New Falhotep's Rain of Venom ;  Scroll: New Cry at the Moon ;  Scroll: New Breath of Hemocoraxius ;  Scroll: New Blood of Rivans ;  Scroll: New Thricewoven Stormstrike ;  Scroll: New Wildflash Barrage ;  Scroll: New Tears of Narendi ;  Scroll: New Yulin's Pyroblade ;  Scroll: New Synapsefreeze ;  Scroll: New Telanara ;  Scroll: New Wand of Dark Modulation ;  Scroll: New Summon Mutinous Servant ;  Scroll: New Shieldstone Stance ;  Scroll: New Storm of Many ; Scroll: New Spear of Molten Shieldstone ;  Scroll: New Silverstorm Pillar ;  Scroll: New Shock of Darksteel ;  Scroll: New Summon Mutinous Minion ;  Scroll: New Skyblaze Pillar ;  Scroll: New Shieldstone Bodyguard ;  Scroll: New Rimeblast Cascade ;  Scroll: New Searing Blast ;  Scroll: New Renewal of Calix ;  Scroll: New Shield of the Pellarus ;  Scroll: New Remorseless Servant ;  Scroll: New Rain of Cutlasses ;  Scroll: New Shield of Consequence ;  Scroll: New Searing Sands ;  Scroll: New Remote Remorseless Servant ;  Scroll: New Quiescent Harvest ;  Scroll: New Praetorian Guardian ;  Scroll: New Promised Invigoration ;  Scroll: New Plasmalure ;  Scroll: New Lure of the Depths ;  Scroll: New Narendi's Fire ;  Scroll: New Magmatic Burst ;  Scroll: New Magmatic Veil ;  Scroll: New Malosenete ;  Scroll: New Grant Thassis' Armaments ;  Scroll: New Gather Magnitude ;  Scroll: New Lightning Storm ;  Scroll: New Grant Thassis' Plate ;  Scroll: New Grant Calix's Heirlooms ;  Scroll: New Iceflame Armaments ;  Scroll: New Leap of Stormbolts ;  Scroll: New Katelanara ;  Scroll: New Ethereal Skyblaze ;  Scroll: New Ethereal Rimeblast ; Scroll: New Forked Lightning ;  Scroll: New Funnel of the Frostdeep ;  Scroll: New Flashrime ;  Scroll: New Flashchar ;  Scroll: New Flameweave Coat ;  Scroll: New Ethereal Flash ;  Scroll: New Doomscale Husk ;  Scroll: New Darkwater Torrent ;  Scroll: New Darksteel Malosenete ; Scroll: New Darkmist Guard ;  Scroll: New Coronal Skin ;  Scroll: New Ethereal Fuse ;  Scroll: New Coronal Rain ;  Scroll: New Dark Symbiosis ;  Scroll: New Convocation of Water ;  Scroll: New Corona of Flame ;  Scroll: New Convocation of Earth ;  Scroll: New Convocation of Fire ; Scroll: New Claw of the Indagatori ;  Scroll: New Concussive Storm ;  Scroll: New Claw of the Flameweaver ;  Scroll: New Convocation of Air ;  Scroll: New Claw of the Oceanlord ;  Scroll: New Combusting Beam ;  Scroll: New Cloudburst Stormstrike ;  Scroll: New Burnout XII ;  Scroll: New Beam of Scythes ;  Scroll: New Circle of Flameweaving ;  Scroll: New Chaotic Benefaction ;  Scroll: New Bolt of Molten Shieldstone ;  Scroll: New Chaos Scintillation ;  Scroll: New Armor of the Codex ;  Scroll: New Aegis of Satum ;  Scroll: New Beam of Molten Shieldstone ;  Scroll: New Aegis of Japac ;  Tome: New Unflinching Affirmation ;  Tome: New Repel ;  Tome: New Skalber Mantle ;  Tome: New Righteous Umbrage ;  Scroll: New Yaulp XIV ;  Tome: New Armor of Ardency ;  Scroll: New Word of Greater Reformation ;  Scroll: New Ward of Censure ;  Scroll: New Word of Convalescence ;  Tome: New Holy Guardian Discipline ;  Scroll: New Wave of Grief ;  Scroll: New Ward of Surety ;  Scroll: New Unified Surety ;  Scroll: New Vow of Virulence ;  Scroll: New Unblemished Blood ;  Scroll: New Vow of Vigor ;  Scroll: New Unified Hand of Nonia ; Scroll: New Unified Hand of Surety ;  Scroll: New Unity of Nonia ;  Scroll: New Syllable of Convalescence ;  Scroll: New Staunch Stance ;  Scroll: New Splash of Atonement ;  Scroll: New Stormbound Keeper ;  Scroll: New Symbol of Niparson ;  Scroll: New Spiritual Remedy ;  Scroll: New Tectonic Destruction ;  Scroll: New Thwart Corruption ;  Scroll: New Protective Proclamation ;  Scroll: New Sermon of Justice ;  Scroll: New Reinvigorating Steel ;  Scroll: New Shining Bulwark ;  Scroll: New Promised Rehabilitation ;  Scroll: New Sound of Thunder ;  Scroll: New Silent Behest ;  Scroll: New Rallied Greater Ward of Vie ;  Scroll: New Lesson of Grief ;  Scroll: New Preservation of the Iceclad ;  Scroll: New Pacifying Glow ;  Scroll: New Nullify Corruption ;  Scroll: New Mystical Intervention ;  Scroll: New Mark of the Commander ;  Scroll: New Justice ;  Scroll: New Mark of the Vicarum ;  Scroll: New Mark of Krausig ;  Scroll: New Issuance of Spirit ;  Scroll: New Hammer of Reverence ;  Scroll: New Greater Ward of Vie ;  Scroll: New Infusion of the Graceful ;  Scroll: New Glorified Ground ;  Scroll: New Hand of the Stormbound Keeper ;  Scroll: New Glorious Judgment ;  Scroll: New Impose for Honor ;  Scroll: New Hand of Graceful Infusion ;  Scroll: New Grief ;  Scroll: New Force of the Darkened Sea ;  Scroll: New Dulcify ;  Scroll: New Force of Ardency ;  Scroll: New Fervid Renewal ;  Scroll: New Force of Abrogation ;  Scroll: New Elixir of the Seas ;  Scroll: New Eradicate the Undead ;  Scroll: New Fifteenth Emblem ;  Scroll: New Doctrine of Rescission ;  Scroll: New Divine Indemnification ;  Scroll: New Convalescent Splash ;  Scroll: New Crush of the Darkened Sea ;  Scroll: New Crush of Povar ;  Scroll: New Chromabash ;  Scroll: New Consecration ;  Scroll: New Devout Audacity ;  Scroll: New Brilliant Vindication ;  Scroll: New Depurate ;  Scroll: New Brell's Stalwart Bulwark ;  Scroll: New Blessed Light ;  Scroll: New Burst of Dayspring ;  Scroll: New Ardent Hammer of Zeal ;  Scroll: New Ardent Light ;  Scroll: New Ardent Purity ;  Scroll: New Armor of the Ardent ;  Scroll: New Awecrush ;  Scroll: New Ardent Touch ;  Scroll: New Armor of Formidable Spirit ;  Scroll: New Aurora of Dayspring ;  Scroll: New Ardent Acquittal ;  Scroll: New Ardent Contravention ;  Scroll: New Ardent Elixir ;  Scroll: New Ardent Cleansing ;  Scroll: New Admonish ;  Scroll: New Ardent Fury ;  Scroll: New Ardent Force ;  Scroll: New Acquittal ;  Scroll: Divine Jurisdiction ;  Tome: New Jolting Cut Kicks ;  Tome: New Squall of Blades ;  Tome: New Copsestalker's Discipline ;  Scroll: New Winter's Wildflame ;  Tome: New Breather ;  Tome: New Enraging Cut Kicks ;  Scroll: New Talisman of the Faithful ;  Scroll: New Windgale Boon ;  Scroll: New Typhoon of the Stormborn ;  Scroll: New Wildfire Ash ;  Scroll: New Wildfire Boon ;  Scroll: New Windborne Chill ;  Scroll: New Survival of the Serendipitous ;  Scroll: New Sunfire Blessing ;  Scroll: New Summer's Cyclone ;  Scroll: New Sunflash ;  Scroll: New Swarm of Glistenwings ;  Scroll: New Shimmering Veil ;  Scroll: New Spirit of the Faithful ;  Scroll: New Shout of the Copsestalker ;  Scroll: New Skin to Seedlings ;  Scroll: New Summer Sunfire ;  Scroll: New Strength of the Copsestalker ;  Scroll: New Shared Cloak of Spurs ;  Scroll: New Roaring Weapons ;  Scroll: New Shield of Nettlespears ;  Scroll: New Shieldstone Blessing ;  Scroll: New Shieldstone Skin ;  Scroll: New Ro's Burning Cloak ;  Scroll: New Protection of the Forest ;  Scroll: New Remote Sunflash ;  Scroll: New Resurgence ;  Scroll: New Remote Moonflame ;  Scroll: New Ravencoat ;  Scroll: New Plummeting Hail ;  Scroll: New Panavida ;  Scroll: New Promised Regeneration ;  Scroll: New Pellicle of the Reptile ;  Scroll: New Nurturing Growth ;  Scroll: New Nature's Serenity ;  Scroll: New Moonbright Frost ;  Scroll: New Nature's Fiery Wrath ;  Scroll: New Nettlespear Coat ;  Scroll: New Lingering Darkness ;  Scroll: New Kromtus Balm ;  Scroll: New Legacy of Daggerspurs ;  Scroll: New Mask of the Copsetender ;  Scroll: New Jolting Swords ;  Scroll: New Lunasoothe ;  Scroll: New Horde of Aculeids ;  Scroll: New Frozen Wind ;  Scroll: New Heliacal Pyre ;  Scroll: New Heartsplit ;  Scroll: New Frostweave Crystals ;  Scroll: New Eyes of the Harrier ;  Scroll: New Focused Arrowrain ;  Scroll: New Eradicate the Unnatural ;  Scroll: New Ferocious Growth ;  Scroll: New Frostweave Aura ;  Scroll: New Desperate Dousing ;  Scroll: New Energized by the Hunt ;  Scroll: New Daggerthorn Rush ;  Scroll: New Daggerthorn ;  Scroll: New Drifting Darkness ;  Scroll: New Devastating Swords ;  Scroll: New Cyclone of Arrows ;  Scroll: New Daggerspur Bulwark ;  Scroll: New Daggerspur Coat ;  Scroll: New Consuming Sunray ;  Scroll: New Column of Ro ;  Scroll: New Copsetender's Unity ;  Scroll: New Copsestalker's Vigor ;  Scroll: New Copsestalker's Unity ;  Scroll: New Crush of Ro ;  Scroll: New Copsetender's Breeze ;  Scroll: New Chill of the Copsetender ;  Scroll: New Blizzard Breath ;  Scroll: New Chant of the Kromtus ;  Scroll: New Cloak of Nettlespears ;  Scroll: New Cloudfont ;  Scroll: New Blisterbeetle Swarm ;  Scroll: New Argent Moonbeam ;  Scroll: New Anticipated Shots ;  Scroll: New Argent Thornmaw ;  Scroll: New Bellow of the Predator ;  Scroll: New Anabatic Roar ;  Scroll: New Beast's Bidding ;  Scroll: New Arrowrain ;  Scroll: New Adrenaline Torrent 

New Quests: Gorowyn Wares 

Updated Quests: Weight of the Sky 

New Recipes: Unfired Conflagrant Idol of Brilliance ;  Conflagrant Idol of Brilliance ;  Unfired Conflagrant Idol of Vigor ;  Conflagrant Idol of Vigor ;  Unfired Conflagrant Mask of Vigor ;  Conflagrant Mask of Vigor ;  Unfired Conflagrant Mask of Brilliance ;  Conflagrant Mask of Brilliance ; Unfired Conflagrant Charm of Vigor ;  Conflagrant Charm of Vigor ;  Unfired Conflagrant Charm of Brilliance ;  Conflagrant Charm of Brilliance ;  Unfired Guardian's Conflagrant Mask ;  Guardian's Conflagrant Mask ;  Unfired Conflagrant Idol of Adroitness ;  Conflagrant Idol of Adroitness;  Unfired Conflagrant Charm of Security ;  Conflagrant Charm of Security ;  Combine Glazing Kit 

Bestiary Updates: Ikurenm the Sly ;  an elemental monstrosity ;  a massive construct ;  The Stone Caller ;  a majestic cockatrice ;  Mercator Geminus [Pottery Supplies] ;  a mature chromadrac ;  a radiant drake ;  an ashen cutter ;  a Wulthan scout ;  a chokidai stalker ;  a Krellnakor destroyer ;  a bottomless feaster ;  a helot skeleton ;  a Krellnakor enforcer ;  a Krellnakor vanguard ;  an Arisen skeleton ;  an undead oblation ;  a hamal skeleton ;  an Arcron dread magus ;  a Wulthan assayer ;  a Wulthan fanatic ;  a Wulthan crusader ;  a hexbone skeleton ;  The Crypt Devourer ;  a sepulcher skeleton ;  Crestra [Quest] ;  a monstrous scorpiki ;  a hissing spiritist ;  a skyfire drake ;  Mercator Acidinus [Tinkering Supplies] ;  a drunken Chetari ;  a Krellnakor doorman ;  a Wulthan grand inquisitor ;  Zowikinski [Ranger and Druid Spells] ;  Frinshalor [Cleric and Paladin Spells] ;  Kris Tawalalin [Wizard and Magician Spells] ;  Pinskidan [Shaman and Beastlord Spells] ;  Irarae [Enchanter and Bard Spells] ;  Druwdav Nporto [Necromancer, Shadowknight Spell] ;  Cromslor [Melee Tomes] ;  Justyl Makalroi [Augmentations] ;  Trapat Makalroi [Augmentations] ;  Grifand Makalroi [Augmentations] ;  a succulent sentinel


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...for all the hard work you guys do. It's much appreciated, and helpful to so many. :)
Ysse, Dark Elf Enchantress since 1999
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