EQ Update #285

Site Updates

In this update, more RoS items are coming in and being tagged with expansion tags and recipes added to them. New recipes were added for RoS weapons. Two of the tradeskill quests for RoS were updated with the new items that came in thanks to Drewinette for all of that. Barudin314 updated a bunch of RoS placeholder scrolls with a RoS tag and he also created a progression wiki page for Dragons of Norrath.

I worked on the RoS wiki some more and added visual armor tables for all the tradeskill armor with recipes. Also added to the RoS ornaments, weapons and shields wiki page, screenshots of all the group weapons and shields.

Our item collector has been updated for the latest patch and spells should be updated sometime later today, the update will include the latest RoS beta spells.

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New Items: Crestra's Ornate Earring ;  Drake Wing Scaled Polishing Cloth ;  Ratman Fur Thread ;  Scorching Golem Clay ;  Incomplete Crestra 's Earring ;  Drachnid Toxin ;  Succulent Spine Earring Stem ;  Phlogiston Miasma ;  Perfect Cut Conflagrant Diamond ; Crestra's Intricate Earring ;  Hardened Scorpikus Venom Bead ;  Chokidai Scale Earring Mount ;  Golem Pebble Bead ;  Unfired Conflagrant Idol of Vigor ;  Unfired Conflagrant Idol of Brilliance ;  Aged Sebilisian Marble Bead ;  Polished Sebilisian Marble Bead ; Succulent Pie ;  Crestra's Simple Earring ;  Scorching Golem Pebble Bead ;  Crystalized Lava Wurm Bead 

Updated Items: Conflagrant Diamond ;  Lava Wurm Bile ;  Scorching Golem Mud ;  Ratman Fur ;  Drake Wing Scales ;  Brown Ornate Silken Bridle ;  Heroic Soothsayer's Eye ;  Spell: Fingers of Fire ;  Tome: New Warrior's Bulwark Rk. III ;  Tome: New Warrior's Bulwark Rk. II ;  Tome: New Warrior's Bulwark ;  Tome: New Unflinching Attention Rk. III ;  Tome: New Tempestuous Defense Discipline Rk. III ;  Tome: New Tempestuous Defense Discipline Rk. II ;  Tome: New Tempestuous Defense Discipline ;  Scroll: New Aegis of Japac Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Aegis of Japac ;  Scroll: New Icy Mending ;  Scroll: New Marmat's Swift Deconstruction Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Marmat's Swift Deconstruction Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Marmat's Swift Deconstruction ;  Scroll: New Liquefaction Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Liquefaction Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Liquefaction ;  Scroll: New Miktokla's Shade ;  Scroll: New Plexipharia's Grasp Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Plexipharia's Grasp Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Plexipharia's Grasp ;  Scroll: New Grip of Jabaum Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Grip of Jabaum Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Grip of Jabaum ;  Scroll: New Livianus' Decay Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Livianus' Decay Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Livianus' Decay ;  Scroll: New Hemorrhage Essence Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Hemorrhage Essence ;  Scroll: New Liquefying Venin Rk. III ; Scroll: New Liquefying Venin ;  Scroll: New Liquefying Venin Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Combust Bones Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Combust Bones Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Combust Bones ;  Scroll: New Call Skeleton Mob Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Call Skeleton Mob Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Call Skeleton Mob ;  Scroll: New Glistenwing Venom Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Glistenwing Venom ;  Scroll: New Dark Leech Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Dark Leech Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Dark Leech ;  Scroll: New Binding of Itkari Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Binding of Itkari Rk. II ; Scroll: New Binding of Itkari ;  Scroll: New Forgottenside Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Forgottenside Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Forgottenside ;  Scroll: New Flesh to Poison Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Flesh to Poison Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Flesh to Poison ;  Scroll: New Darkwater Manacles Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Darkwater Manacles Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Darkwater Manacles ;  Scroll: New Deadskin Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Deadskin Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Deadskin ;  Scroll: New Dreadful Shriek Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Dreadful Shriek Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Dreadful Shriek ;  Scroll: New Chaotic Liquefaction Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Chaotic Liquefaction Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Chaotic Liquefaction ;  Scroll: New Bestow Doom Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Bestow Doom Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Bestow Doom ;  Scroll: New Cascading Doomshield Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Cascading Doomshield Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Cascading Doomshield ;  Scroll: New Annihilation Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Annihilation ;  Scroll: New Annihilation Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Crippling Incapacity Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Crippling Incapacity Rk. II ; Scroll: New Crippling Incapacity ;  Scroll: New Aegis of Japac Rk. III ;  Scroll: New Mazub's Flashblaze Rk. II ;  Scroll: New Mazub's Flashblaze ;  Scroll: New Icy Mending Rk. III ;  Crushed Conflagrant Diamond ;  Phlogiston Longbow ;  Conflagrant Longbow ; Phlogiston Compound Bow ;  Conflagrant Compound Bow ;  Phlogiston Battle Staff ;  Conflagrant Battle Staff ;  Phlogiston Arcane Staff ;  Conflagrant Arcane Staff ;  Phlogiston Devotional Staff ;  Conflagrant Devotional Staff ;  Phlogiston Staff ;  Conflagrant Staff 

Updated Quests: Here or Over There? ;  Weight of the Sky 

New Recipes: Conflagrant Staff ;  Phlogiston Staff ;  Conflagrant Devotional Staff ;  Phlogiston Devotional Staff ;  Conflagrant Arcane Staff ;  Phlogiston Arcane Staff ;  Conflagrant Battle Staff ;  Phlogiston Battle Staff ;  Conflagrant Compound Bow ;  Phlogiston Compound Bow ;  Conflagrant Longbow ;  Phlogiston Longbow ;  Crushed Conflagrant Diamond ;  Succulent Pie ;  Crestra's Simple Earring ;  Crestra's Ornate Earring ;  Drake Wing Scaled Polishing Cloth ;  Ratman Fur Thread ;  Scorching Golem Clay ; Incomplete Crestra 's Earring ;  Perfect Cut Conflagrant Diamond ;  Chokidai Scale Earring Mount ;  Golem Pebble Bead ;  Hardened Scorpikus Venom Bead ;  Succulent Spine Earring Stem 

Bestiary Updates: a witheran feeder ;  a witheran gnasher ;  a witheran larva ;  a Krellnakor slayer ;  a wurm ;  a retrogenitor ;  a gluttonous feaster ;  a drained shiliskin soul leech


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