EQ Update #284 & Fall Bonus!

Site Updates

In this update, all new comments were updated to early this morning. Also more RoS items were given an expansion tag and RoS NPC's given screenshots.

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The Fall Fun Continues November 15 - 28!




Fall Fun

It's time for another round of Fall Fun bonuses!

From Wednesday, November 15, 2017, until Tuesday, November 28, 2017, ALL players will experience 50% shorter instance lockout timers while adventuring!

You'll want to gear up and get out there - half the lockout time means that you can have twice the adventures!

New Items: Ratman Fur 

Updated Items: Mandala Sketch ;  Red Rabbit Pelt ;  Damaged Krithgor Hand Axe ;  Rabbit Skull ;  Brittle Iksar Skull ;  Gloomingdeep Kobold Cloth Cap ;  Cloak of Burning Rage ;  Cracked Gem of Lucidity ;  Orcish Morning Star ;  Scorching Golem Mud ;  Phlogiston Detergent ;  Phlogiston Thread ;  Phlogiston Tannin ;  Emblem of the Arcanist ;  Emblem of the Overlord ;  Emblem of the Prophet ;  Emblem of the Suzerain Protector ;  Emblem of the Deceiver ;  Emblem of the Forest Stalker ;  Emblem of the Dread Suzerain ;  Emblem of the Arch Lich ;  Emblem of the Transcendent;  Emblem of the Arch Convoker ;  Emblem of the Coercer ;  Emblem of the Storm Warden ;  Emblem of the Archon ;  Emblem of the Fury ;  Emblem of the Feral Lord ;  Phlogiston Loam ;  Emblem of the Maestro ;  Phlogiston Coal 

Updated Quests: Geozite Tool ;  Halloween: Skeleton Zapping ;  Fergarin #1: Intercepted Correspondence ;  Scattered Gear ;  A Tearable Fear ;  Achievement: Bat Country! ;  Group Expedition: Tipt, Treacherous Crags ;  Rings of Fire 

Updated Recipes: Transcendent Vicious Symbol of Judgement 

Bestiary Updates: Kinloc Flamepaw ;  a crystal statue ;  Erg Bluntbruiser ;  Failed Experiment Beza ;  Emissary Oomgado ;  a crystalline hunter ;  a tenacious darkwing bat ;  Velketors Experiment Uzah ;  a guard captain ;  a scalebone skeleton ;  an onyx wolf ;  a fractured magmite ;  a praetor noctis salus ;  an indagator materia ;  an indagatrix vitali salus ;  summa indagatrix Seleia ;  wrathful rubble ;  a scree-borne magmite ;  Old Raspy ;  a indagator materia salus ;  a vicarum vitai ;  an indagatrix vitali ;  an ancient wurm ;  a greedy gnawer ;  a sarnak deserter ;  a drunken Chetari ; Funerary Curate ;  Melinda Baleheart ;  Darion the Blade ;  a Splitpaw gnoll 

Zone Updates: Mistmoore Catacombs: The Forlorn Caverns


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