EQ Update #283

Site Updates

More Ring of Scale updates were done. Also Ring of Scale tradeskill quest named Details of the Sky was added by Drewinette.

Forum fixes are complete and everything seems to be working like it should. Also a large majority of the unknown columns in spell data were given a name if you look at the raw spell data on this site. I went with the naming scheme that raidloot.com uses on their spell parser so thanks goes to those guys for figuring out what those columns are for. Lucy raw data will be updated when we next run the spell parser due to how Lucy operates.

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New Items: Scorching Golem Mud 

Updated Items: Golem Mud ;  Polished Sebilisian Marble ;  Succulent Spines 

New Quests: Details of the Sky 

Updated Quests: Here or Over There? 

Bestiary Updates: Wiknak Grimglom ;  a Wulthan curate ;  a sickly succulent ;  Crestra [Quest] ;  a greedy gnawer ;  Arcron Thaumaturge Osellik


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