EQ Update #282

Site Updates

In this update, more RoS tradeskill items were tagged and new recipes created thanks to Drewinette. Also more screenshots were added for NPC's.

We'll be working on the website later tonight around 10pm PT. We'll need to bring the site down in order to put in all the fixes we'll be doing. We're planning for 11:30pm PT to bring the sites back up but it might take longer if we need to do more work.

Edit: We'll be purging watched forum threads/posts dating pre 2016. So if you want to watch a thread/post dated before 2016 you'll need rewatch those threads/posts after tonight's maintenance is done.

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New Items: Round Cut Conflagrant Diamond ;  Pear Cut Conflagrant Diamond ;  Half-moon Cut Conflagrant Diamond ;  Trillion Cut Conflagrant Diamond ;  Scorpikus Venom ;  Succulent Spines ;  Marquise Cut Conflagrant Diamond ;  Oval Cut Conflagrant Diamond 

Updated Items: Phlogiston Bodkin ;  Conflagrant Bodkin ;  Phlogiston Athame ;  Conflagrant Athame ;  Phlogiston Saber ;  Conflagrant Saber ;  Phlogiston Rapier ;  Conflagrant Rapier ;  Phlogiston Katar ;  Conflagrant Katar ;  Leatherfoot Haversack ;  Celestial Essence ;  Polished Sebilisian Marble ;  Phlogiston Bastard Sword ;  Conflagrant Bastard Sword ;  Phlogiston War Sword ;  Conflagrant War Sword ;  Conflagrant Diamond ;  Sea Salt Impregnated Chokidai Scale ;  Golem Mud ;  Scorpikis Venom 

Updated Quests: Here or Over There? 

New Recipes: Trillion Cut Conflagrant Diamond ;  Marquise Cut Conflagrant Diamond ;  Conflagrant War Sword ;  Phlogiston War Sword ;  Oval Cut Conflagrant Diamond ;  Conflagrant Bastard Sword ;  Phlogiston Bastard Sword ;  Half-moon Cut Conflagrant Diamond ;  Conflagrant Katar ;  Phlogiston Katar ;  Pear Cut Conflagrant Diamond ;  Round Cut Conflagrant Diamond ;  Conflagrant Rapier ;  Phlogiston Rapier ;  Conflagrant Saber ;  Phlogiston Saber ;  Conflagrant Athame ;  Phlogiston Athame ;  Conflagrant Bodkin ;  Phlogiston Bodkin 

Bestiary Updates: a tormented Vah Shir ;  a dire sonic wolf ;  a killer darkwing bat ;  a coterie scout ;  a rocky cliff golem ;  a thorny succulent ;  a screeching chokidai ;  a scorpikis ;  Janissary Virzak ;  Observer Eyrzekla ;  Mercator Gurges [Fishing Supplies] ;  Mercator Geminus [Pottery Supplies] ;  a rabid reveler ;  a furtive Chetari ;  Chirurgeon Hemofax ;  a feverish marauder ;  a Krellnakor overlord ;  Crestra [Quest] ;  Mercator Acidinus [Tinkering Supplies] ;  Tinkering Table ;  a sarnak deserter ;  an ancient wurm ;  an ancient wurm ;  a greedy gnawer


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