EQ Update #271

Site Updates

In this update, some missing armor items were added from beta. Also we're working on the wiki for Ring of Scale. We'll open it up soon once we have some more information on it.

Happy Halloween!

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New Items: Scaled Shadowscale Coat ;  Scaled Shadowscale Leggings ;  Scaled Shadowscale Coif ;  Scaled Shadowscale Sleeves ;  Scaled Shadowscale Boots ;  Scaled Shadowscale Gauntlets ;  Draconic Formula ;  Draconic Poison ;  Blessed Silver-tipped Stake ;  Scale Touched Frostfire Cap ;  Scale Touched Frostfire Pants ;  Scale Touched Frostfire Gloves ;  Scale Touched Flameweaver Sleeves ;  Scale Touched Flameweaver Wristguard ;  Scale Touched Lifewalker Wristguard ;  Scale Touched Loremaster Boots ;  Scale Touched Loremaster Breastplate ;  Scale Touched Loremaster Gauntlets ;  Scale Touched Loremaster Bracer


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