EQ Update #269

Site Updates

In this update, Sathir's Tomb and Howling Stones [RoS] NPC's added. Most Sathir's Tomb NPC's should have screenshots and some named in that zone have locations. Also quest NPC's in Skyfire Mountains [RoS] were updated with screenshots with an attached map shot of them. New quests were added from those Skyfire NPC's as well.

Want to join us in the Ring of Scale beta? Click here for some beta info from Daybreak.

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New Items: Kunark Smoothie 

Updated Items: Mask of the Forgotten 

New Quests: All to Scale ;  Black Scale Bounty ;  Ancient Prey ;  Clearing the Way ;  The Dragons' Graveyard 

Bestiary Updates: a sarnak armorer ;  Sarnak Champion ;  Palardiag Dax`Kunoksan ;  a reanimated sarnak ;  a basilisk hatchling ;  Captain Sedilious [Quests] ;  Praetor Brimshaw [Quests] ;  Praetor Maestra [Quests] ;  Praetor Magnus Auluxus [Raid] ;  Requisitioner Olen [Quests] ;  a Krellnakor enforcer ;  a Krellnakor vanguard ;  an elementalbone skeleton ;  a bile golem ;  an Arisen skeleton ;  an undead oblation ;  a sepulcher spectre ;  a hamal skeleton ;  an Arcron dread magus ;  a Fereth appraiser ;  an Arcron firebrand ;  a Krellnakor filcher ;  a Wulthan assayer ;  a Wulthan fanatic ;  a Wulthan crusader ;  an Arcron helot ;  an Arcron lifter ;  a Wulthan thief ;  a Krellnakor hunter ;  a pyre golem ;  an Arisen spirit ;  an undertaker skeleton ;  an Arisen steward ;  an Elevated skeleton ;  an embalming fluid ;  an Arisen spectre ;  a guardian golem ;  a hexbone skeleton ;  a bottomless gnawer ;  an Exalted spirit ;  an Arisen ritualist ;  The Crypt Devourer ;  a disenchanted arisen ;  The Crypt Keeper ;  The Golem Master ;  Xalgoz the Arisen ;  a Kar`zok grave robber ;  a Kar`zok infiltrator ;  a sepulcher skeleton ;  a crypt watcher ;  Ancient Apparition ;  a crypt feaster


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