EQ Update #267

Site Updates

In this update, more beta stuff was added. Missing NPC's in The Overthere and some screenshots added. Missing zone connections between all the new zones was added. Vendor items were added to some of the The Overthere NPC's.

I'll get NPC's added for the other zones soon. I took a tour of the expansion last night and took some short videos of each zone but youtube didn't like the format I guess so I'm going to try some different capture software.

Are you still wanting to join us on the beta server for Ring of Scale? Check out Daybreak's Guide on beta here.

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Updated Items: Shimmering Steel Thread ;  Emerald Orange ;  Mark of Potency ;  Mark of Sight ;  Mark of Battle 

Bestiary Updates: Tailor Kujen [Tailoring Merchant] ;  a wild rhino ;  a Wulthan zealot ;  a rocky cliff golem ;  a stoneleer cockatrice ;  an Arcon enthusiast ;  a rummaging rhino ;  a sabertooth tiger ;  an Arcron warwizard ;  a chokidai ;  a stonegazer cockatrice ;  a wayward cliff golem ;  a Wulthan knight ;  a needle-covered succulent ;  Drakis ;  Mercator Ovicula [Tailoring Supplies] ;  Mercator Torquatus [Jewelry Making Supplies] ;  Mercator Macatus [Smithing Supplies] ;  Mercator Porcii [Reagent Merchant] ;  Mercator Cossus [Fletching Supplies] ;  Mercator Casca [Potion Supplies] ; Mercator Ocella [Poison Supplies] ;  a mutant succulent ;  a strange succulent ;  a mason ;  a settler ;  a prospector ;  a guard ;  a sarnak prisoner ;  an indagator vitali salus ;  an indagator vitali ;  an indagator materia salus ;  an indagatrix vitali ;  Mercator Salinator [Brewing Supplies] ;  Mercator Salonian [Baking Supplies] ;  an octopus ;  Mercator Gurges [Fishing Supplies] ;  a fisher ;  a vicarum vitai ;  Mercator Geminus [Pottery Supplies] ;  a Krellnakor conscript ;  Scout Deni M`Trix [Raid] 

Zone Updates: The Overthere [RoS] ;  Skyfire Mountains [RoS] ;  Gorowyn ;  Howling Stones [RoS] ;  Sathir's Tomb ;  Veeshan's Peak [RoS]


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