EQ Update #266

Site Updates

In this update, some new items have been rolling in from the beta. They'll have some missing spells, icons and unknown item types associated with them. This is due to not having beta spell information on our live spell database and new icons on our item tables so those errors will be corrected once the expansion is patched into live in December.

All Ring of Scale expansion zones are added and a few The Overthere quests have been added from Ring of Scale. A bunch of NPC's were also added for that zone and I'm still working on adding more. Quest/Raid/Unfindable NPC's will have screenshots with map locations.

Forum fixes have been postponed until a later date. I don't know exactly when this will happen.

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New Items: Spell: Illusion: Iron-Toothed Earthdigger ;  Contract of the Skorpikis ;  Gorowyn Translocator Lantern ;  Gorowyn Translocator Beacon ;  Goblet of Adventure II ;  Guise of the Iron-Toothed Earthdigger ;  Herald Telcha Familiar ;  Shared Goblet of Adventure II ;  Cockatrice Mount ;  Bridle of the Balefire Wyvern ;  Painting: Ring of Scale ;  Devourer Familiar ;  Howling Stones Tomb Box ;  Veeshan Burning Bas-Relief 

New Quests: Dangerous Fauna ;  Bones to Dust ;  Buckets of Bile ;  Defang the Devourers ;  Testing the Waters 

Bestiary Updates: a rummaging rhino ;  a sabertooth tiger ;  an Arcron warwizard ;  a chokidai ;  a stonegazer cockatrice ;  a wayward cliff golem ;  a Wulthan knight ;  a needle-covered succulent ;  a chokidai wardog ;  a cliff golem ;  a sickly succulent;  Corumdium ;  Tourmaline ;  a tropical crab ;  a sabertooth cat ;  a blood-stained stalker ;  a sword fish ;  an Arcron dread magus ;  a Krellnakor berserker ;  a prickly succulent ;  a Ferreth partisan ;  a Wulthan curate ;  a Wulthan coadjutor ;  a sarnak trap ;  a Krellnakor soldier ;  a thorny succulent ;  a screeching chokidai ;  a Krellnakor officer ;  an arcron thaumaturge ;  a mysterious sarnak ;  a Ferreth procurator ;  a crumbling cliff golem ;  a stonepeep cockatrice ;  a scorpikis scrounger ;  a shifty scorpikis ;  a scorpikis ;  a dreadful scorpikis ;  Drakis ;  Bloodstalker ;  Banshee ;  a magestic cockatrice ;  Fang ;  an iron sentinel ;  a bluff golem ;  Saber ;  Janissary Virzak ;  Observer Eyrzekla ;  Myrmidon Tundak ;  Rigelon the Watcher ;  a grotesque succulent ;  Needle ;  a Kar`Zok lacerator ;  a baleful spirit ;  Scout Deni M`Trix [Raid] ;  a raging rhino ;  Tektite ;  Stishovite ;  a praetor ledalus salus ;  a shoemaker ;  Praetor Scout Ellidia [Quests] ;  High Praetor Yerlin [Quest] ;  Praetor Noctis Trayer [Quests] ;  Vizra, magia mortis fortitio [Raid and Mission] ;  Praetor General Teralus [Raid and Mission] ;  Trapezite Felix [Banker] ;  Trapezite Bursio [Banker] ;  Trapezite Mocilla [Banker] ;  Trapezite Asina [Banker] ;  a carpenter ;  a gardener ;  an indagatrix vitali salus ;  a praetor noctis salus ;  a praetor ledalus ;  an indagatrix materia ;  a colonist ;  a furrier ;  a pioneer ;  a weaver ;  a barber ;  Mercator Ovicula [Tailoring Supplies] ;  Mercator Torquatus [Jewelry Making Supplies] ;  Mercator Macatus [Smithing Supplies] ;  Indagatrix Winters [Quests] ;  Hortulanus Cryolex [Raids] ;  Krama Alaeus [Quests] ;  Mercator Pera [General Merchant] 

Zone Updates: Skyfire Mountains [RoS] ;  The Overthere [RoS] ;  Veeshan's Peak [RoS] ;  Sathir's Tomb ;  Howling Stones [RoS] ;  Gorowyn


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