EQ Update #264

Site Updates

In this update, tutorial NPC's and quests were created/updated. Also some blacksmithing recipe items were updated.

Just to give a heads up again, it looks like our forum fixes will be happening next week. We finally got some dependencies removed that were in the way of this happening. Hopefully we can get this taken care of early next week, possibly Monday. It will require some site downtime and we're not sure when that will occurr yet but I'll let everyone know when ZAM tells me.

Spells and spell descriptions were updated yesterday evening. Item collector is still being worked on.

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Updated Items: Immaculate Steel Chain Jointing ;  Nightmare Iron Chain Jointing ;  Molten Chain Jointing ;  Electrified Copper Chain Jointing ;  E'cian Ice Chain Jointing ;  Wind Metal Chain Jointing ;  Gem of the Void ;  Giant Lord's Cinch ;  Ornate Defiant Plate Helm ;  Banded Bracer ;  Sapphire 

New Quests: Achievements ;  Achievement: Mastering Achievements 

Updated Quests: Shaman Epic: Spear of Fate ;  Trooper Scale Bracer ;  Key to Jaled Dar's Lair (Neb) ;  Access to the Yxtta Primal Caves: The Riddles 

Updated Recipes: Hurricane Plate Breastplate 

Bestiary Updates: Tinkerer Keridon [Bard/Enchanter Spells] ;  Rak Sapara ;  Vaniki ;  Xi Thall ;  Xenaida [Maps] ;  Tinkerer Oshran [Necromancer/Shadowknight Spells] ;  Frizznik [Tradeskills] ;  Guard Vyrinn [Beginner Missions] ;  Guard Rahtiz [Beginner Missions] ;  Celrak [Beastlord/Shaman Spells] ;  Tinkerer Gordish [Magician/Wizard Spells] ;  Rowyl [Druid/Ranger Spells] ;  Nura [Cleric/Paladin Spells] ;  Vahlara [Armor Missions] ;  Rytan [Spells] ;  Prathun [Grouping and Communication] ; an accursed lookout ;  Rashere [Soulbinder] ;  Lyndroh [Banker] ;  A Priest of Luclin [Corpse Summoner] ;  Carpenter Adomnan ;  Peltin Funter ;  Scribe Farquard [Achievements]


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