EQ Update #263

Site Updates

Various updates to items, quests, NPC's and some zone updates as well. Also Velious raid encounters all were tagged with their Mitigation of the Mighty buff.

New comments were caught up until late evening yesterday.

We'll get spells updated soon. Item collector is being worked on.

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Updated Items: Dragon Skull Fragments ;  Third Part of Solusek's Key 

Updated Quests: Winning at Chess: White ;  Halloween: Skeleton Zapping ;  Halloween: Nektulos Ghost Rider ;  Winning at Chess: Black ;  Ivyshae Family Blade 

Bestiary Updates: Timbur the tiny ;  the Hand of Veeshan ;  Zlandicar ;  Tpos Icepaw ;  a siren temptress ;  an enraged dwarf skeleton ;  a skeletal hand ;  an enthralled ulthork 

Zone Updates: Temple of Droga [EoK] ;  Frontier Mountains [EoK] ;  Vxed, the Crumbling Caverns


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