EQ Update #262

Site Updates

In this update, various items, quests and NPC's were update. Also the Velious progression server wiki page has been updated with a listing of all the achievements and raid targets. I'll be working on this page some more and adding info so keep an eye out on that for those looking for progression server Velious information.

Updated Items: Shimmering Potamide Idol ;  Silvery Vambraces of Celebration ;  Hynid Mane 

Updated Quests: Dreadscale Bracer ;  Achievement: Hunter of Jaggedpine Forest 

Bestiary Updates: Myraephe the Pure ;  Makala ;  the Mischievous Jester ;  a wary hynid ;  Potamide Matron ;  Potamide Dame ;  Potamide Matriarch


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