EQ Update #261

Site Updates

Today some code was released that I have been working on. You should see a few more options on the advanced item search tool. You will now see the following stats on items when you do a search. Endurance Regen, Mana Regen, HP Regen, Attack, Spell Damage, Heal Amount and Clairvoyance. You can now sort by these stats as well.

The Effect selection on the advanced item search now defaults to --Any Effect--. Those using Firefox to view the effect box, I'm aware it takes a while to open that box, this is due to Firefox taking a while to parse large amounts of data in a drop down box. I will fix this in a future update. Also the background of the advanced item search item listing was changed to not use the background texture of the site to make it a bit easier on the eyes to look at the stats of items. Lastly, there is now an option to search for Heirloom items. I'll be adding more options to the advanced item search in the future.

Some missing item lore groups were added to the allakhazam site that we already had on Lucy.

Persistent effects on spells should all be fixed now once we run the spell parser for the upcoming patch.

Some more SPA's (471, 475, 480, 481, 483, 486) for spells will be added in the next code push. We don't have many left until we have all of them added. Also I will be fixing many SPA's that currently don't display correctly.

Ring of Scale has been added to where it needs to be on the site in preperation for the upcoming expansion. I'll make a wiki template section for the expansion soon.

We are anticipating the forum database tables to be fixed this week hopefully, stay tuned for news on that.

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New Items: 5 Dose Distillate of Skinspikes IX 

Updated Quests: Words of Darkness ;  Winning at Chess: White 

Bestiary Updates: an elven ranger ;  an elven scout ;  an elven war scout ;  Dark Elf Reaver ;  a shipwrecked pirate ;  the White Queen ;  Jerigozia


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