EQ Update #259

Site Updates

Some various updates to items and NPC's today.

If you need some info on Nights of the Dead events check out this wiki page. I'm working on adding in whatever missing achievements and quests there are for the Halloween events.

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Updated Items: Flaming Pungla ;  Raw Fine Hide ;  Darkwing Bat Fur ;  Flawed Defiant Emeraldblade ;  Blood Weave Veil ;  Shabby Fine Spell Scroll ;  Sonic Wolf Ear ;  Timorous Coconut ;  Distilled Essence of Fire ;  Emerald Orange 

Bestiary Updates: Guard Swang ;  Jacker ;  Guard V`Retta ;  A Fungoid Worker ;  a Recuso Hunter ;  Xenithen Sterbla ;  Renaldok Masric ;  Gorelaz Verilak ;  Trilexior Aeridia ;  Seetheker ;  Skyshadow ;  a buried treasure chest ;  Sonus ;  Guard Tolax;  Brewmaster Berina [Brewing Merchant]


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