EQ Update #258

Site Updates

Various updates for today to items, quests and NPC's.

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Updated Items: Visor of Ambition ;  Ivory Skull ;  Celestial Pack Essence ;  Edmund's Shovel 

Updated Quests: Cleric Epic 1.5: Harmony of the Soul ;  Alternate PoP Flag: Bypass Carprin and Bertoxxulous ;  Purifying the Purifier 

Bestiary Updates: Sustainer of Nightmares ;  a luggald seditionist ;  a fraudulent chest ;  An Irritating Mushroom ;  a lead explorer ;  Edmund Strangeways ;  a goblin adept mystic ;  a stalwart goblin mystic ;  a goblin mystic ;  a goblin slave ;  a stone mystic ;  a stalwart stone mystic


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