EQ Update #257

Site Updates

In this update, more persistent effects are being corrected. Also some Plane of Mischief NPC's were updated with various info.

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Updated Items: Ringmail Mantle ;  Ringmail Bracelet ;  Sullied Spinneret Fluid ;  Ringmail Gloves ;  Ringmail Neckguard ;  Grade E Muscimol Extract ;  Sullied Silk 

Updated Quests: Spurned Initiate Final Test 

Bestiary Updates: an explorer ;  Bzzibuzzana ;  a troublesome charlatan ;  a barmy burglar ;  a gorilla professor ;  a witty sphinx ;  an ample ape ;  a gorilla prodigy ;  an asinine ape ;  a bouncing bunny ;  a black pawn ;  a black knight ;  a black queen ; a white pawn ;  a white castle ;  a white bishop ;  a white knight ;  a white queen ;  a miniature monkey ;  a forsaken hand ;  a black castle ;  a black bishop ;  a developer`s meddling hand ;  a quest bug ;  The Hidden Jester ;  a crazed black jester ;  a mad black jester ;  an insane black jester


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