EQ Update #254

Site Updates

In this update, level 76-80 shadow knight, shaman, warrior and wizard spells/tomes had their expansions tagged by Barudin314.

Also new comments should be updated to last night.

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Updated Items: Amorphous Cohort's Wristguard ;  Spell: Plane of Time Gate ;  Spell: Plane of Time Portal ;  Spell: Translocate: Plane of Time ;  Spell: Word of Vivacity ;  Spell: Frantic Renewal ;  Spell: Rallied Shield of Vie ;  Spell: Elixir of Atonement ; Spell: Kaerra's Mark ;  Spell: Armor of the Solemn ;  Spell: Order of the Resolute ;  Spell: Indomitable Hammer of Zeal ;  Spell: Silent Dictum ;  Spell: Vitiate Corruption ;  Spell: Tectonic Upheaval ;  Spell: Mark of the Devoted ;  Spell: Sermon of Admonition ;  Spell: Sound of Resonance ;  Spell: Solemn Light ;  Spell: Forbear Corruption ;  Spell: Eleventh-Hour Rk. III ;  Spell: Mollify ;  Spell: Yaulp IX ;  Spell: Aweshock ;  Spell: Ward of the Resolute ;  Spell: Symbol of Kaerra ;  Spell: Solemn Remedy ;  Spell: Blessing of Resolve ;  Raw Supple Runic Hide ;  Ornate Defiant Harmonagate ;  Dark Steel Short Sword ;  Arid Indicolite Shard ;  Compressed Copper Stud 

Updated Quests: Power Sources 

Updated Recipes: Formed Suspension of Frost X 

Bestiary Updates: Zazamoukh ;  a massive stone guardian ;  Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra ;  Nightvenom ;  Potamide Dame ;  Potamide Matriarch ;  Potamide Matron ;  Fungus Covered Shroom


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