EQ Update #253

Site Updates

In this update, various updates were done. Also some new recipes were added.

I have been working on adding missing SPA's for spells and I am working on correcting existing SPA's as well. Once we run the spell parser again all of these should display correctly.

I'll work on getting new comments caught up today.

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Updated Items: Diamond Stud of Purpose ;  Arid Indicolite Shard ;  Leaping Girdle of Speckles ;  Leggings of Latent Ether ;  Band of Woven Dreams ;  Barbequed Nest Dragon Stew ;  Barbequed Nest Dragon Sandwich ;  Barbequed Nest Dragon Pie;  Barbequed Nest Dragon Kabob ;  Barbequed Nest Dragon Jerky ;  Wilted Caladium ;  Raw Runic Hide ;  Black Claw Fragment 

New Recipes: Barbequed Nest Dragon Stew ;  Barbequed Nest Dragon Jerky ;  Barbequed Nest Dragon Kabob ;  Barbequed Nest Dragon Pie ;  Barbequed Nest Dragon Sandwich 

Updated Recipes: Barbequed Nest Dragon Soup ;  Barbequed Nest Dragon Souffle 

Bestiary Updates: Talym Shoontar ;  a fungus covered shroom ;  a shrouded fareyes ;  a shrouded cave lurker ;  a shrouded willsapper ;  a shrouded minion ;  a shrouded bat ;  Talym Shoontar ;  Talym Shoontar ;  Talym Shoontar ;  a shrouded bat ; Shoon ;  a Bixie Guardian ;  an Enraged Bixie Drone ;  Shoona ;  Shoona ;  Elder Ekron ;  Xygoz ;  Fungus Covered Shroom


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