EQ Update #251

Site Updates

In this update, the remaining TDS spell scrolls and tomes have all been tagged.

Procs of other spells should all be removed from the spell listing tool. Let us know if we missed any. This will help people see spells/songs/tomes that they can actually buy/cast/mem.

The fix for the error message on Lucy was scheduled to go in soon however we found a problem with that fix so we'll wait until it's correct before we roll it out.

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New Items: Spell: Illusion: Obulus Skeleton 

Updated Items: Ice of Velious ;  Lesser Health Spirit ;  Obulus Burial Shroud ;  Song: Serisaria's Chant of Poison Rk. III ;  Song: Fjilnauk's Song of Suffering Rk. III ;  Song: Slumber of Silisia Rk. III ;  Song: War March of Jocelyn Rk. III ;  Scroll: Breath of Hemocoraxius Rk. III ;  Scroll: Talisman of the Leopard Rk. III ;  Scroll: Krasir's Recourse Rk. III ;  Scroll: Sephry's Malady Rk. III ;  Scroll: Livio's Affliction Rk. III ;  Scroll: Sraskus' Drowse Rk. III ;  Scroll: Olesira's Faithful Rk. III ;  Scroll: Regenerating Counterbias Rk. III ;  Scroll: Tribal Pact Rk. III ;  Scroll: Historian's Intervention Rk. III ;  Scroll: Reefmaw's Bite Rk. III ;  Scroll: Halcyon Bluster Rk. III ;  Scroll: Spirespine's Pandemic Rk. III ;  Scroll: Krasir's Mending Rk. III ;  NA Tome: NA Eighth Wind ; NA Tome: NA Eighth Wind Rk. II ;  NA Tome: NA Eighth Wind Rk. III ;  NA Tome: NA Weapon Link ;  NA Tome: NA Weapon Link Rk. II ;  NA Tome: NA Weapon Link Rk. III ;  NA Tome: NA Inner Revitalization ;  NA Tome: NA Inner Revitalization Rk. II ; NA Tome: NA Inner Revitalization Rk. III ;  Tome: Reefcrawler Blade Rk. III ;  Tome: Exuberant Dagger-Throw Rk. III ;  Tome: Hack Rk. III ;  Tome: Disorientation Rk. III ;  Tome: Hidden Blade Rk. III ;  Tome: Arcwork Discipline Rk. III ;  Scroll: Breath of Hemocoraxius Rk. II ;  Scroll: Serisaria's Spear of Venom Rk. II ;  Scroll: Serisaria's Spear of Venom Rk. III ;  Scroll: Talisman of the Leopard Rk. II ;  Scroll: Blood of Rivans Rk. II ;  Scroll: Glacial Gift Rk. II ;  Scroll: Pack of Olesira Rk. II ;  Scroll: Shear of Renewal Rk. II ;  Scroll: Reckless Regeneration Rk. II ;  Scroll: Reef Crawler Blood Rk. II ;  Scroll: Ward of Regeneration Rk. II ;  Scroll: Sraskus' Curse Rk. II ;  Scroll: Grip of Jabaum Rk. III ;  Scroll: Annihilation Rk. III ;  Scroll: Bestow Doom Rk. III ; Scroll: Deadskin Rk. III ;  Scroll: Darkwater Manacles Rk. III ;  Scroll: Pyre of the Lost Rk. III ;  Scroll: Soulrend Rk. III ;  Scroll: Ilsaria's Swift Sickness Rk. III ;  Scroll: Mind Extraction Rk. III ;  Scroll: Impose for Blood Rk. III ;  Scroll: Imbue Ally Rk. III ; Scroll: Synapsefreeze Rk. II ;  Scroll: Silverstorm Pillar Rk. II ;  Scroll: Leap of Stormbolts Rk. II ;  Scroll: Corona of Flame Rk. II ;  Scroll: Quiescent Harvest Rk. II ;  Scroll: Cloudburst Stormstrike Rk. II ;  Scroll: Magmatic Burst Rk. II ;  Scroll: Ethereal Skyblaze Rk. II ;  Scroll: Claw of the Oceanlord Rk. II ;  Scroll: Darkwater Torrent Rk. II ;  Scroll: Narendi's Fire Rk. II ;  Scroll: Telanara Rk. II ;  Scroll: Thricewoven Stormstrike Rk. II ;  Scroll: Ethereal Fuse Rk. II ;  Scroll: Beam of Molten Shieldstone Rk. II ;  Scroll: Shock of Darksteel Rk. II ;  Scroll: Wand of Dark Modulation Rk. II ;  Scroll: Fickle Conflagration Rk. II ;  Scroll: Mass Dark Transvergence Rk. II ;  Scroll: Remote Remorseless Servant Rk. II ;  Scroll: Spear of Molten Shieldstone Rk. II ; Scroll: Monster Summoning XII ;  Scroll: Natural Affiliation Rk. III ;  Scroll: Focus of Okasi Rk. III ;  Scroll: Salve of Clorith Rk. III ;  Scroll: Glistenwing Blood Rk. III ;  Tome: Tempest of Claws Rk. III ;  Scroll: Tirik's Melioration Rk. III ;  Scroll: Kirchen's Chill Rk. III ;  Scroll: Kromtus Roar Rk. III ;  Tome: Prior Retaliation Rk. III ;  NA Scroll: Activate Coronal Orb ;  NA Scroll: SKU23 Reserved - MAG Spell ;  NA Tome: NA Blood Gouge ;  NA Tome: NA Blood Gouge Rk. II ;  NA Tome: NA Blood Gouge Rk. III ;  Tome: Demolishing Axe Throw Rk. II ;  Tome: Demolishing Axe Throw Rk. III ;  Tome: Temple Demolish Rk. II ;  Tome: Temple Demolish Rk. III ;  Tome: Jarring Smite Rk. III ;  Song: Lullaby of Silisia Rk. III ;  Song: Aura of Sionachie Rk. II ;  Song: Echoing Barrier Rk. III ;  Scroll: Spirit of Visoracius Rk. III ;  Song: Echo of Sionachie Rk. II ;  Song: Fatesong of Jocelyn Rk. II ;  Song: Kirchen's Chant of Frost Rk. II ;  Song: Nilsara's Aria Rk. III 

Updated Quests: Legendary Enchanter Illusions 

New Recipes: Fine Steel Kusarigama - Conversion 

Updated Recipes: Small Piece of High Quality Ore ;  Basic Suspension of Toxin XI 

Bestiary Updates: The Swarm Leader


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