EQ Update #249

Site Updates

In this update, Drewinette added The Articles of Holding to a bunch of backpack recipes.

I also submitted some code to remove proc spells from the spell list tool for all classes. Hopefully should see that go live early next week.

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Updated Items: Minor Muramite Rune ;  Arydryidriyorn 

Updated Quests: Legendary Enchanter Illusions 

Updated Recipes: Unexpanded Tailored Legendary Backpack ;  Tailored Fantastic Black Backpack ;  Tailored Fantastic Black Pack ;  Tailored Fantastic Blue Backpack ;  Tailored Fantastic Blue Pack ;  Tailored Fantastic Green Backpack ;  Tailored Fantastic Green Pack ;  Tailored Fantastic Orange Backpack ;  Tailored Fantastic Orange Pack ;  Tailored Fantastic Pink Backpack ;  Tailored Fantastic Purple Backpack ;  Tailored Fantastic Purple Pack ;  Tailored Fantastic Red Backpack ;  Tailored Fantastic Red Pack ;  Tailored Fantastic White Backpack ;  Tailored Fantastic White Pack ;  Tailored Fantastic Yellow Backpack ;  Tailored Fantastic Yellow Pack ;  Tailored Fantastic Pink Pack ;  Unexpanded Tailored Legendary Bag ;  Unexpanded Tailored Legendary Belt Pouch ;  Unexpanded Tailored Legendary Haversack ;  Unexpanded Tailored Legendary Pack ;  Unexpanded Tailored Legendary Rucksack ;  Unexpanded Tailored Legendary Sack ;  Unexpanded Tailored Legendary Satchel ;  Unexpanded Tailored Legendary Tool Belt ;  Tailored Immaculate Black Backpack ;  Tailored Immaculate Black Pack ;  Tailored Immaculate Blue Backpack ;  Tailored Immaculate Blue Pack ;  Tailored Immaculate Green Backpack ;  Tailored Immaculate Green Pack ;  Tailored Immaculate Orange Backpack ;  Tailored Immaculate Orange Pack ;  Tailored Immaculate Pink Backpack ;  Tailored Immaculate Pink Pack;  Tailored Immaculate Purple Backpack ;  Tailored Immaculate Purple Pack ;  Tailored Immaculate Red Backpack ;  Tailored Immaculate Red Pack ;  Tailored Immaculate White Backpack ;  Tailored Immaculate White Pack ;  Tailored Immaculate Yellow Backpack ;  Tailored Immaculate Yellow Pack ;  Tailored Legendary Yellow Backpack ;  Tailored Legendary Yellow Pack ;  Tailored Legendary Red Backpack ;  Tailored Excellent White Pack ;  Hate of the Shissar III ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Yellow Pack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Pink Backpack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Pink Pack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Green Pack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Black Backpack ;  Tailored Legendary Orange Backpack ;  Tailored Legendary Pink Pack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Yellow Backpack ;  Tailored Legendary Orange Pack ;  Tailored Legendary Green Backpack ;  Tailored Legendary White Backpack ;  Tailored Legendary Blue Backpack ;  Tailored Legendary Red Pack ;  Tailored Legendary Green Pack ;  Tailored Legendary Black Backpack ;  Tailored Legendary White Pack ;  Tailored Legendary Purple Backpack ;  Tailored Excellent Orange Backpack ;  Tailored Legendary Purple Pack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Purple Backpack ;  Tailored Legendary Blue Pack ;  Tailored Legendary Black Pack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Red Pack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary White Backpack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Purple Pack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary White Pack ;  Tailored Pristine Red Pack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Red Backpack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Orange Backpack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Green Backpack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Blue Backpack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Orange Pack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Blue Pack ;  Heavy Tailored Legendary Black Pack ;  Heavy Tailored Supreme Orange Backpack ;  Heavy Tailored Supreme Orange Pack ;  Heavy Tailored Flawless Orange Pack 

Bestiary Updates: a froglok dar knight ;  Ungi the Swift


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