EQ Update #248

Site Updates

In this update, new comments are caught up to this post. Also a bunch of illusion items were added to the Legendary Enchanter Illusion quest entry thanks to RondorNorador. If you have anymore matches of items to illusion scrolls, please post away in the quest entry.

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New Items: Replenishing Body 10 Benefit 

Updated Items: Mark of Silence ;  Engraved Fire Emerald Statuette ;  Mark of Forests ;  Genalan's Chronicle ;  Spirit Marked Ornament ;  Indigo Sapphire ;  Mark of the Tiger ;  Tablet of Wolves ;  Wrought Iron Shavings ;  Fluorescent Gem ;  Petrified Bones ;  Air Marked Scroll ;  Truncated Ring ;  Stick of Mastery ;  Vial of Firewater ;  Shroud of Nature ;  Strange Bone Mask ;  Polymorph Wand: Warped Chetari ;  Polymorph Wand: Undead Gnoll ;  Polymorph Wand: Twisted Gnomework ;  Polymorph Wand: Siren Sorceress ;  Polymorph Wand: Shadow Nekhon ;  Polymorph Wand: Runic Tattoo Nihil - Female ;  Polymorph Wand: Robed Scrykin ;  Polymorph Wand: Regal Vampire - Male ;  Polymorph Wand: Regal Vampire - Female ;  Polymorph Wand: Rallosian Goblin ;  Polymorph Wand: Polar Bear ;  Polymorph Wand: Junkyard Gnomework ;  Polymorph Wand: Izon ;  Polymorph Wand: Human Pirate - Male ;  Polymorph Wand: Human Pirate - Female ;  Polymorph Wand: Hadal Templar ; Polymorph Wand: Forest Fairy ;  Polymorph Wand: Flood Telmira ;  Polymorph Wand: Fallen Soldier ;  Polymorph Wand: Fallen Knight ;  Polymorph Wand: Erudite Pirate - Male ;  Polymorph Wand: Erudite Pirate - Female ;  Polymorph Wand: Dark Minotaur ;  Polymorph Wand: Dark Elf Pirate - Male ;  Polymorph Wand: Dark Elf Pirate - Female ;  Polymorph Wand: Dark Bellikos ;  Polymorph Wand: Centaur Warrior ;  Polymorph Wand: Blood Red Bellikos ;  Polymorph Wand: Bixie Soldier ;  Heavy Lifting Device ;  Polymorph Wand: Armored Shiliskin ;  Guise of the Combine ;  Skull of the Slain Sarnak ;  Pure Sapphire Trade Gem ;  Scroll in a Bottle 

Updated Quests: Necromancer Words - X`Ta Tempi ;  Necromancer Words - X`Ta Tompi ;  Di'Zok Signet of Service ;  Rogue Epic 2.0: Nightshade, Blade of Entropy ;  Zhubis #1: Sabotage ;  Legendary Enchanter Illusions ;  Crizlyna #2: Jacyll's Jailbreak ;  Plane of War Access #1: Field of Strife & The Mines ;  Drogan Toes ;  Vitratul's Scrolls ;  Achievement: Hunter of The Ruins of Old Guk ;  Achievement: Hunter of Frontier Mountains 

Updated Recipes: Formed Suspension of Toxin VI ;  Skeletal Parrot's Left Leg 

Bestiary Updates: Sambata Spiritist ;  Sambata Naturalist ;  Sambata Nectar Gatherer ;  a goblin warder


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