EQ Update #247

Site Updates

In this update, recent new tradeskill items were updated to show which vendors they are bought from in Plane of Knowledge. Also some Damsel of Decay ornamentations were tied to the suits they make.

Also Barudin314 updated druid, enchanter, mage and monk spells/tomes level 76-80 with their expansions via the spell search tool.

I'll work on getting new comments updated today.

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Updated Items: Spell: Ring of Plane of Time ;  Spell: Circle of Plane of Time ;  Spell: Zephyr: Plane of Time ;  Suit of Damsel of Decay Cloth ;  Suit of Damsel of Decay Chain ;  Combine Potion Vial ;  Rune Binding Stain ;  Savvy Rune Tracing ;  Allure Rune Tracing ;  Acumen Rune Tracing ;  Fortitude Rune Tracing ;  Finesse Rune Tracing ;  Adroitness Rune Tracing ;  Impetus Rune Tracing ;  Waterproof Paint Samples ;  Potato ;  Scroll: Coruscate Bones Rk. II ;  Combine Grease ;  Micro Gear and Sprocket Pack ;  Etching Tool Parts ;  Cleaning Solution ;  Enamel Paint Samples ;  High Tensile Lacquer ;  High Impact Lacquer ;  Bow Plans ;  Staff Plans ;  Battle Staff Plans ;  Rod Plans ;  Buckler Plans ;  Kite Shield Plans ;  Tower Shield Plans ; Wood Stain Samples ;  Braxi Hoof ;  Combine Refined Clay ;  Charm Sketch ;  Mask Sketch ;  Pottery Glaze Samples ;  Oval Clay Stamp ;  Round Clay Stamp ;  Trillion Clay Stamp ;  Half-moon Clay Stamp ;  Pear Clay Stamp ;  Square Clay Stamp ; Marquise Clay Stamp ;  Pliers ;  Phlogiston Loam ;  Phlogiston Coal ;  Emblem of the Fury ;  Emblem of the Prophet ;  Emblem of the Deceiver ;  Emblem of the Maestro ;  Emblem of the Dread Suzerain ;  Emblem of the Forest Stalker ;  Emblem of the Suzerain Protector ;  Emblem of the Archon ;  Emblem of the Overlord ;  Extraplanar Trade Satchel Instructions ;  Emblem of the Transcendent ;  Emblem of the Storm Warden ;  Emblem of the Feral Lord ;  Emblem of the Coercer ;  Emblem of the Arch Lich ;  Emblem of the Arch Convoker ;  Emblem of the Arcanist ;  Cloth Dye Samples ;  Phlogiston Tannin ;  Phlogiston Thread ;  Spell: Illusion: Putrid Swinetor ;  Phlogiston Detergent ;  Taste of Enticement 

Updated Quests: Sarnak Among Us 

New Recipes: Suit of Damsel of Decay Chain ;  Suit of Damsel of Decay Cloth ;  Suit of Damsel of Decay Cloth 

Bestiary Updates: Tabben Bromal [Tinkering Supplies] ;  Ramos Jerwan ;  Nelin Signus [Tinkering Supplies] ;  Chef Denrun [Baking Merchant] ;  Tailor Kujen [Tailoring Merchant] ;  Scholar Klaz [Research Merchant] ;  Engineer Beri [Tinkering Merchant] ;  Angler Winifred [Fishing Merchant] ;  Alchemist Redsa [Alchemy Merchant] ;  Spell Research Table


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