EQ Update #246

Site Updates

In this update, a bunch of new illusion spells were uploaded. We'll get these added to the Legendary Enchanter Illusion quest entry soon. Thanks RondorNorador!

Also 76 through 80 spells for bards, beastlords, berserkers and clerics have been tagged with their expansions for the spell search tool.

New Items: Spell: Illusion: Dusty Iksar Skeleton ;  Spell: Illusion: Warped Chetari ;  Spell: Illusion: Undead Gnoll ;  Spell: Illusion: Twisted Gnomework ;  Spell: Illusion: Siren Sorceress ;  Spell: Illusion: Shadow Nekhon ;  Spell: Illusion: Runic Tattoo Nihil Female ;  Spell: Illusion: Robed Scrykin ;  Spell: Illusion: Regal Vampire Male ;  Spell: Illusion: Regal Vampire Female ;  Spell: Illusion: Rallosian Goblin ;  Spell: Illusion: Polar Bear ;  Spell: Illusion: Junkyard Gnomework ;  Spell: Illusion: Izon ;  Spell: Illusion: Human Pirate Male ;  Spell: Illusion: Human Pirate Female ;  Spell: Illusion: Hadal Templar ;  Spell: Illusion: Forest Fairy ;  Spell: Illusion: Flood Telmira ;  Spell: Illusion: Fallen Soldier ;  Spell: Illusion: Fallen Knight ;  Spell: Illusion: Erudite Pirate Male ;  Spell: Illusion: Erudite Pirate Female ;  Spell: Illusion: Dark Minotaur ;  Spell: Illusion: Dark Elf Pirate Male ;  Spell: Illusion: Dark Elf Pirate Female ;  Spell: Illusion: Dark Bellikos ;  Spell: Illusion: Centaur Warrior ;  Spell: Illusion: Blood Red Bellikos ;  Spell: Illusion: Bixie Soldier ;  Spell: Illusion: Armored Shiliskin ;  Spell: Illusion: Shiny Steam Suit ;  Spell: Illusion: Combine Tactician ;  Spell: Illusion: Putrid Swinetor ;  Spell: Illusion: Simple Bellikos ;  Spell: Illusion: Sarnak Skeleton ; Combine Potion Vial 

Updated Items: Spell: Intertwining Energy Rk. III ;  Spell: Chaos Immolation Rk. III 

Bestiary Updates: an abstruse phantasm


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